There is something wonderful about watching the sun rise on a crisp Autumn morning. 
Something magical.
Something perfect.

On Monday morning my husband and I got up early and left home at 6:30am so we could watch this beautiful scene. It was breathtaking.  I know the sun rises everyday and sets every night, but no matter how many times I see it, it is still a glorious scene. 

I live in a place that is beautiful. I am blessed. It is only a small city of 350,000 residents, our homes are surrounded by mountains and we live nestled within the valleys.  To often we forget how beautiful our own surroundings are and quick to want to wander to other locations and forget to look at those places close to home thinking they couldn't possibly be exotic.  I hope these photos give you an idea of how beautiful this little corner of Australia really is. 

The sun had only just woken up, it didn't take long to show its face. The balloons add something very special to the view.  This week we are celebrating 100 years since the foundations were laid in the National Capital and all week balloons have been going up early in the morning and creating these wonderful scenes. I sometimes see them on the way to work if I am early enough.
Yes, there is city down there among the golden rays of sunlight.

Liquid gold
In 2001 a large bushfire swept through this area destroying 500 homes and killing 3 people. Part of the recovery of the National Capital it was to create a National Arboretum. This is no short term project. I will be an old lady by the time some of these trees reach maturity however it is a wonderful way to save some of the worlds rare and symbolic trees.  So far 250 hectares have been put aside to create permanent gardens, outdoors sculptures, places for entertainment and for families to gather but most importantly, 100 forests (each containing 100s of trees)This is truly a place being created for our children and their children. For once I think our govement has made the right decision, as this isn't a cheap project to undertake.
This is the new information centre and restaurant. It has great views over the valley towards the mountains.
1000's of trees forming part of National Arboretum, it will be an amazing site once they are full established.
A little bit of modern art, a steel birds nest. I really like it! He must enjoy watching the sun rise every day and set at day's end.
At the top of Dairy Farmers Hill - it allows a wonderful view of my city.

Lots of people came out to watch the balloons and the sunrise, I just love the silhouettes of the people against the clear sky.
All things that go up, must come down. I took this shot on the way home. My husband is driving and I took it through the window.


  1. It looks cold, Jo. Brrrr......but very lovely!

    1. It wasn't cold, around 16C so it was beautiful!!!!!!

      Thankyou :)

  2. Amazing photos dear Jo-- such a beautiful sight to witness the sunrise and balloons together. Your home is truly beautiful--

  3. Canberra is truly a beautiful place, and so is Sydney ;) great shots Jo!

  4. Gorgeous photos Jo.. I love the golden ones especially ... those balloons look beautiful against the sunrise backdrop..


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