Junior seamstress

Sewing has always been something I wish I could do but never had the time or place to do it. I would set up the sewing machine on the kitchen table, but had to clear it away by the end of the day. It meant I had to hurry through projects and that use to put me off. Now I have my own room (since all our children have left home). This means I can set up a permanent sewing table and sew whenever I feel like it. 

This is my "new" room. I only have half the room so far, there is a large 6 foot fish tank on the other wall that needs to be moved at some point in time (when that is removed, bookcases will line the entire wall for my mini library).  As you can see (in this messy shot) I have my computer/work desk and next to me is my new sewing table. It works really well and I feel much more motivated about sewing. My husband put the table together which caused great stress as the instructions were very poor!

On Easter Saturday, Spotlight (the store that sells the best range of fabrics in Australia) had a 40% discount on their all fabrics. I bought 11 different pieces. The bottom three are for winter (2 are woollen). I now have some material to undertake my projects.  I have also bought myself the necessary sewing equipment like pins, scissors, tape measures, cotton etc... and these are all organised in my cupboard so I don't have to hunt for anything.  Having ones own space really does make a huge differences, to many anyway. 

I just loved this Japanese lawn, very soft, make perfect dresses. 

I have made this skirt a few times (B) so feel quite comfortable making it. It has darts, a split and a zip, all challenging for a junior seamstress!  This time I am going to add lace near the bottom. Still not quite sure how I am going to attach it?  Any ideas?? It will be perfect to wear to work

This one is a flip skirt with 2 layers. I am currently making the short version as my test - to see how it works and fits. Once any problems are solved I can use the more expensive fabric to make the longer skirt. This is a great pattern - one skirt which can be worn two ways!!

I am feeling much more comfortable about sewing these days and see myself sewing in the evenings when I come home from work as everything will be waiting for me and I won't have to put things away at night. Hopefully I will start to make more complex outfits and move into making dresses and tops.  Things I have avoid up to now. 

In my house no sewing project is complete unless the "supervisor" is near by. She has fallen asleep watching me sew!!  She finds lying on the table too cold and prefers some fleecy fabric to keep her warm.


  1. You've got a lovely setup there, Jo! I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you create in your new space! :)

    1. It works really well now that I have done some sewing and so pleased with the table.

  2. I have seen that pattern for the flip skirt in a catalog and thought it would be great for my mother, as she is aged, and it would be a simple way to have a skirt without a slip, and to use it as two skirts.

    As for the cost, once you divide the number of garments you are making, it will be less than $20.00 per piece, I think. I'm looking forward to purchasing some cotton "lawn" or printed muslin that is like polished cotton, when I get to Mornington, Victoria.

    1. I think I was expecting fabrics to be "really" cheap!! Silly me:)) But you are right, the skirts will be around $20 each which is much cheaper than I could buy in the shop.

      The flip skirt worked quite well but was way too big for me. Even though I picked the measurements very carefully and made the one that should have been right, I could have made one 2 sizes smaller. It was a big of a disappointment, but something I need to be very aware of as I learn.

      I went to Spotlight to buy this pile and they really did have such a lovely range of feminine florals, i had to stop myself as I could have kept on adding all my favourites!!

  3. So glad for you that you're getting into sewing more. You have a very nice arrangement there for a sewing room. I love creating with fabric. :-)

    I like your Paddington in your sewing room too. I have a bear or two in my sewing room. :-)

    1. My daughter-in-law gave me the Paddington for Christmas (she bought it from a lady who makes them). Once I get my sofa lounge in my study it will sit on that.

      I just wish I was better at sewing as things don't always turn out perfect but I suppose practice makes perfect:))) At least I have somewhere to make it much easier to practice!

  4. That's so great that you have the space now to get it all sorted. I must agree that its much more motivating to have it 'out' than have to bring the sewing machine in and out of the main room.
    I love your supervisor ;-)

    1. My supervisor got into trouble yesterday when she stole the mouse that I use for my pins!!! She loves to "attack" it!!!


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