Art Friday: John Pugh

Artist: John Pugh

Trompe l'oeil artist

What is real and what isn't - sometimes it is very difficult to tell the differences.

I would highly recommend you visit his website and check out the many murals he has done. I think they are fantastic:

Someone complained about this building and wanted to know when the hole would be fixed!

What is real in this photo - I really struggled to work it out at first. Is the girl real. One patron thought so!

For other great examples of trompe l'oeilm check this out:


  1. Wow, those are truly impressive! I tried to go and look at his website, but it wouldn't load, sadly. I hope I can get it to load some other time, because I think his work is fantastic - and you're right, it's hard to see what's real and what's painting in some of them (more so than others)!!

  2. I've seen some of his work before (in photos). It's absolutely amazing! Such realism on such a large scale is really fantastic. :-) Thanks for the reminder.


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