Purple carrots

We always ate orange carrots (which my husband was never a big fan of) until recently, when I discovered purple carrots and now I buy these when I can get my hands on them.  The ones I buy come from Tasmania and I have only ever seen them in my local Woolworth's. They are around $3.95 for 6 so much more expensive when compared to the standard orange carrot but we like the taste, colour and being different (!!).

Like all veg, they are very healthy for you but like blueberries, have the added antioxidants that orange carrots don't have.  One website called them the a "superfood" - a term that I think is over used these days -  and I would argue that all vegetables are super foods!! One website suggested they will assist in weight loss - won't all vegetables if you remove foods like greasy takeaways!!

Regardless of their superfood status, they are just as nice eaten raw (I like to grate them in salads), steamed, boiled and added to casseroles. Like beetroot they turn other things slightly purple, including my hands when I peel them.  If you haven't tried them, I would suggest you do!

Anything new that you have eaten lately?


  1. Thank you! Sounds very interesting. I've never seen these purple carrots but I love to snack on raw orange ones. :)

  2. They look so weird! Isn't it funny how the appearance of something can make you feel so different about it - my initial reaction to seeing them is "eww" even though I know they're probably really good! Haha! I'll have to see if I can get some sometime, just to try.
    We haven't tried anything new lately, I don't think... A bit stuck-in-a-rut in the food department here!

    1. They taste like carrots but dear husband seems to prefer them. I'm trying to stretch our veg selection by eating new things!

  3. i LOVE purple carrots!
    Though its hard to make 'pretty' food with them because just like beetroot they bleed! ;-)

  4. Jo-- I've never seen these before!! I'm sure I'd love them- I'm find of all the purple veggies!! I'll look at the farmers market for them--

  5. I've seen the seed for these for sale here in catalogues, but I've never seen the actual purple carrots for sale in a store to my knowledge. I really want to start going to a farmer's market to see what I can find that we don't grow ourselves. :-)

    Last year my dad started growing a "purple" tomato called a purple or black Krim. It is not really purple, but a very deep red/maroon color on the inside and they are delicious! It's my favorite tomato for eating fresh. They are less acid and sweeter eaten fresh (not so great for canning since it would require adding vinegar). [http://www.rareseeds.com/black-krim-tomato/]

    Also, my dad learned last year that okra seeds can be roasted, ground and either added to coffee or used in place of it. I have to say it smells a little odd while it's brewing, but it actually tastes pretty good, especially mixed. Since it's completely caffeine free and since I'm not a fan of the bitterness of coffee, I like it pretty well. :-)

  6. Wow, I've never seen purple carrots but I saw purple cauliflowers once!!!


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