Advice from Pooh for the week ahead

If the person you are talking to
doesn't appear to be listening,
be patient.
It may simply be that he has a 
small piece of fluff in his ear.

wise words from Winnie the Pooh

I just had to include this quote as I loved it so much!!  It one of those quotes that make you smile.

The weekend, the very start of winter, was rather wet and grey here with the sunshine only appearing in the afternoon on Sunday. I didn't mind at all as I was able to catch up on some indoor activities like blogging, photography, reading, sorting out birthday cards and some baking (I made 2 loaves of Bara Brith). The house was snug and warm so I didn't mind how cold or wet it was outside.

Do you plan your meals for the week ahead?  I have a general idea based on what is in my fridge and freezer and what vegetables have been delivered in my seasonal box.  This is what I am planning on cooking week:

  • Monday - Pork loin chops with salad and mashed potatoes (my husband loves his mashed potatoes!)
  • Tuesday - Lamb loin chops with baked cauliflower cheese, beans and brussel sprouts and homemade potatoes wedges (baked in the oven)
  • Wednesday - slow cooked beef, mushroom and red wine casserole with dumplings
  • Something from the freezer as I have to pick my husband up late from a conference he is attending all day. 
  • Friday - chicken kiev with salad and roasted potatoes and pumpkin 
  • Saturday - slow cooked lamb shanks with a red wine sauce, mashed potatoes and broccolini
  • Sunday - chicken, potato, leek and sweetcorn chowder with crusty bread
Salad = combination of lettuce, cucumber, red capsicum, beans, tomatoes, onions and  celery

As I will be home late on Wednesday, I have already cooked the casserole and the only thing I will  need to do is make the suet dumplings. 
I took this on Saturday, crouching in the rain!!
A new week ahead, they seem to come around ever so fast.  A few things on this week, but nothing to difficult or stressful. It would be exciting if my new arm chair and ottoman arrived for my study. The furniture store said between 3 to 6 weeks and this is week 4 so anytime now. 

May you all have a lovely week. 

Bara Brith is a Welsh fruit loaf, some recipes use yeast (as I have done here) others don't and are more cake like. Best eaten hot from the oven with lots of butter! 


  1. Sounds wonderful, Jo!

    No, I don't really plan meals ahead but rather go with what I feel like making or eating or requests from the family each day/week. I try to pretty much keep stock of everything we like to eat in the freezer, fridge and pantry, so I can pick and choose pretty much when I like. Planning sounds good and everything, but I'm not very good with schedules. I do okay with them at first and then they fizzle out and make me feel like I'm failing.

    Lists - now I do like those, but because they're not usually tied to time they don't make me feel bad, but rather achieved! :)

    It was drizzly here for the past week, but today is beautiful blue skies and sunshine - much needed as the dirt was starting to turn green in some places from being wet too long!!

    1. P.S. Love the Pooh quote - it made me laugh!! :)

    2. I don't do lists, unless its post-it notes and that is about it.

      I do plan dinners in my head and therefore if I don't make everything on the menu, no one will ever know as they can't get into my head!!! I get the meat out the night before so I need to have some idea what I plan to do with it. And for us, there is only 2 and dear husband doesn't mind what I do so its completely up to me:)))

      The sun is shining today but its cold outside, a typical winters day in this part of the world - cold and crisp.


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