Enjoy today

Enjoy today . . . 

. . . once it has gone, its gone for good and you will never get it back again. You can only look back on the day as one that you have wasted and not put to wonderful use.  

We all need to be more like Pooh.

It would be terrible to get to the end of ones life and only remember how much you complained about each day, about getting up, seeing the negative and not the positive, not laughing or smiling enough, not reading enough books, not seeing the beauty and joy all around.

Make ever second count, fit as much joy as possible into your day and find a friend like Piglet to enjoy it all with.  We aren't meant to be lonely.


  1. More friend like piglet... Yes please...
    I totally agree... Days are not to be wasted.. nor hours, moments or seconds. They all fly by so fast and do not return to us, and we don't know how many more we will get...

    Blessings Nell

    1. Friends like piglets are wonderful!
      Have a lovely week:))

  2. Excellent advice. Must make the most of every single moment! :)

    1. Have a nice week. I've got some sort of bug and at home not feeling well:((

    2. :( I hope you're feeling better really soon. x

  3. Genesis 1:31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

    There is so much in this world that in very good in God's eyes, it behooves us to enjoy it more! :-) Thanks for the reminder.

    And yes, it's always better to enjoy with a good friend. (I've had that quote on my facebook page.) :-)

    1. We tend to only see the bad and yes, there is plenty of that, but there is so much beauty around that is just amazing but we walk straight past it. Since I started to take photos every day I am seeing that beauty with a new eye, sometimes its very tiny and easily missed, other times its right there in your face.


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