Art Friday: Clouds

I love clouds and todays Art Friday is all about clouds/weather.


Check out this link - the photography is amazing - the clouds are just fantastic. If only I had such talent and scenery (these shots have been taken in Germany as a storm rolls in)!!


If you have time (10 mins), this TED presentation on cloud spotting is worth watch. It tells us why its important to look up at the clouds, lie on our backs and look upwards at the clouds, do nothing else but watch the clouds.


Some favourite paintings of clouds/weather

John Constable
John Constable


  1. I just love looking at how God made clouds, Joluise. The pictures are beautiful. I hope you are doing well!

  2. I particularly like that first painting.
    Those photos are SO stunning! I love them!!!

  3. Yes, I am a lover of cloud watching also, I especially love looking for animals in the clouds and so do my children. What a wonderful part of creation.

    1. With our current cold stormy weather we have had some wonderful clouds to look at - clouds and weather contain so much emotion I always think!!

  4. What a pretty blog you have! I have time to read just a few posts this morning, but I want to visit again to read more.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Enjoy your weekend!


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