Back from holidays

Back home, very little time to write anything right now - just sorting through 100's of photos so a little busy and dinner is almost ready to eat (can you smell it!).

Hopefully I can write something soon and post some photos of my trip, in particular my day out at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney.  Had a wonderful few days - there is nothing more special than chatting for hours with a best friend and cousin.  I also enjoyed the company of two little people (Miss Three and Master 22 months) and that was also such a joy as Miss Three is delightful, just listening to her opinions on life  is very amusing to say the least.  

May you all have a lovely week - cold, wet and grey here this week.


  1. I loved having you visit! Working on that beanie - can't believe it, had to start it three times before I got it right! And this is my 8th beanie! =O

    Looking forward to those pictures!

    Sarah hasn't forgotten you yet, but isn't as sad today.



  2. Sometimes reading a light weight book does me a world of good. :-) Brain candy is good if you don't "eat" too much. ;-)

    Glad you had a good visit with family. The picture will be interesting.

  3. Glad you had a good visit...
    How's your back??

    1. Back did really well thanks to Bets prayers:)) I was really pleased as I had to do lifting, jogging (at the zoo), sitting etc... whilst in Sydney!!


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