Its all about knitting . . .

I dedicate this post to my cousin Bets, as it's her inspiration with knitting that got me started again!!

I learnt to knit many years ago but never really got into it. My mum use to be an avid knitter, she knitted everywhere and I mean everywhere. I never wore a shop bought jumper or cardigan as she made everything we wore. She didn't make ordinary jumpers, she could do the fancy patterns and produce beautiful pieces.  After her stoke she had limited hand movement and stopped knitting, but since moving into the nursing home she has started up again. Nothing fancy, squares to make a rug . . . as knitting is very good for your hands, it makes them move and the elderly are encouraged to knit, even those with dementia. 

I am many years from reaching old age (!!) and nursing homes, but I thought I really ought to polish my knitting skills and as you can see in these photos, I have started my first square (in garter stitch).   It might take me until I am 80 to finish the rug, but that's ok - I am in no hurry. And by then, I will need a rug for my knees.

When I visited my local news agency on the weekend I discovered there is a new knitting magazine (weekly) called "Knit & Stitch" which I thought I would subscribe too. Just looking at the first magazine (which came with 2 balls of wool and needles) I think it will be very useful and hopefully I will be able to learn many new stitches/patterns.  The magazine covers both knitting and crocheting (and a range of other crafts as well).  I would love to be able to knit for my grandchildren one day (I don't have any yet, which is probably good as I need some more time to practice) and this is a good way to start.

Unlike my mother, I am yet to master the ability to read and knit at the same time (the book won't lie flat), but I can knit and watch TV at the same time. I think I just need to find books that sit nice and flat (and no, please don't suggest a kindle which I know would be perfect for any knitter!!!).

Are you a knitter? What do you like to knit?

Don't expect an update on my knitting for some times, perhaps in a few years!!! By then I might have finished a few squares!!


  1. Just a basic knitter here. I am too impatient to sit and knit a pattern, although I can. I prefer to crochet as it doesn't take as long to make something. Granny squares are what I mostly do, but am keep to learn other styles as well...


    1. I am going to try and learn crocheting, but its difficult learning without someone watching over your shoulder I find!! I am happy with granny squares at this stage.

  2. That magazine looks great, if only....

    Good on you for starting knitting, I wouldn't have thought you would! Glad I could inspire you =)

    I am now onto my 12th beanie, I think, and really enjoy them because they don't take forever, and can look really good. Working on some extra touches to make them look more fun, and might get to selling some. We'll see!

    Knitting is such a portable hobby and you can do a little or a lot as time permits, I enjoy that flexibility!



    1. I thought I might knit myself a scarf as I wait for my magazine to arrive!! One which uses big needles so it is nice and quick. Can't wait to see some photos of your fancy ones!!

  3. Knitting is great for its portability - and because it's easy to pick up and put down...

    Although, one thing you should never do is to knit a complicated pattern, make a mistake, start fixing it and get interrupted for several months (or years), then go back and try to fix it. It's just no fun. At all.

    The knitting magazine looks like a lot of fun!

    1. You can do it anywhere and that is why mum use to like it I am sure. And you can make clothing you can wear which makes it very useful. I am along way from anything complicated!! I have a couple of friends at work that are expert knitters, if I run into trouble, help isn't that far away:))

  4. Good on you for picking it up again!
    I have a half knitted soft toy for my daughter that I started when I was pregnant - hahaha she's now nearly 9!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I much prefer to crochet but don't do it regularly. I'm more of a sewer really! lol
    Your mum must of been very good to be able to knit and read - that's awesome!!!!!!! :D

    1. I know the feeling of half made things!! From memory, I think my mum used a peg to held the pages down whilst she read and knitted. She didn't need to look at what she did, she was very good.

  5. Knitting is not something I know how to do yet, but I hope I will be able to learn some day, maybe alongside my daughters!

    1. Its such a relaxing thing to do and one that can be done whilst talking to others or watching a movie with family. I am not very fast so it takes me ages, but it is very rewarding once the item is finished!


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