Lessons learnt in life/Art Friday

I am currently reading “Forged with Flames” by Ann Fogarty, a very brave woman who was severely burnt to 85% of her body as a result of a horrendous bushfire in 1983. This was one very courageous woman who went through terrible suffering as a result of her burns (with breast cancer 20 years later) and I just loved how she ended the book—whilst not all of us will go through such pain and suffering, the lessons Ann learnt as a result of what happened to her are lessons for all of us.

I’ve experienced and learned so many things since the fires that I never would have had I not been burned.  I’ve learned that God is always bigger than whatever you’re going through, that laughter can revive you like nothing else, that kindness abounds, and that there is always much more in you than you ever thought possible. 

I found out that life can hurt you so much that sometimes you can’t see how you could ever recover, but them, as quick as a wind change, the same life can bring so much joy you can hardly contain it. As one attuned to suffering, I trust I’ve learn to become a more compassionate person.

I’ve learned that the most important ingredient for surviving extreme suffering is having a powerful reason to keep fighting, keep going, keep breathing—which for me was my children, who were too young to lose their mother, and whom I loved more than anything in the world. I had a really strong feeling that no one could or would love my girls as I could and I just couldn’t seem to let go and surrender that.  It was like an ache in my heart for them that just wouldn’t allow me to stop fighting even when I really wanted to.


Today is Friday and would normally be the day I would post pictures of art — but I really wanted to share the quote from Ann Fogarty, therefore I thought I would post paintings by Charles Courtney Curran that are joyful, peaceful, show kindness and gentleness — things we all need in our lives.

These are paintings for those who may not be feeling the best today.
Everyone needs a bit of TLC (tender loving care).



  1. Just beautiful! These paintings did indeed bring joy to me. Thank you for posting them.

  2. What an amazing testimony.

    I love those paintings, especially the one of the three girls/young ladies.

  3. I love the clothesline one!

  4. A very lovely and encouraging post, Jo. Thank you. :-)


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