Roy and Ronald

Roy - Photography by Joluise

As I mentioned in my last post, we are now proud owners of fish . . . . not really by choose, inherited when our son moved out of home. We never planned to keep them, then my DH had the bright idea "why don't we keep them, they are very nice fish, very friendly" . . . and as the saying goes "the rest in history"

However when our son left, he left us with 5 fish (all large fish, not those little tiny things). 

And now we are down to 2 fish. 

The first 2 died from unknown causes . . . we don't think it was our fault. That is what we tell ourselves.  It makes us feel much better and we can sleep at night.

But the last death is all very tragic.  On Friday night DH fed his 3 fish and all seemed well in the fish tank, quite harmonise. However when I went and opened the blinds on Saturday morning (no, the tank doesn't have blinds, the room does!!) I noticed only 2 fish in the tank (Roy - a Green Heros Severus) and Ronald (Salmon-tailed catfish). 

Where was the 3rd fish?

I looked everywhere, but there is only so many places a fish can hide in a tank filled with water. And the one thing he couldn't do was climb out and go for a walk. 

I looked, my husband looked and our almost 21 year old looked.

The fish had gone.

The only conclusion we could all reach was that Ronald the catfish had eaten it during the night.

Roy did looked worried and he had every reason to. 

The question on Roy's mind was "When was he going to be eaten". 

Since that tragic moment, Roy has been keeping a very close eye on Ronald. He is most certainly watching his back. 

Ronald on the other hand, looks very content . . . FAT.

I don't think we are very good parents at all . . .  perhaps we should stick with cats and dogs. At least they are much cheaper to keep and far less likely to "just die" or eat each other. 

I will keep you posted.

The new tank - so far one bag of sand has been add with one more required.  All the pump equipment is set up ready to go once the water is added and the sand has settled. The heater (that keeps them warm) will be added once the water and pump are all working. 
Tank full of water and all the white sand along with the heater and pump. We still need to add some more greenery (silk, not real as the fish eat the real stuff!) and in a few days the fish can be added.  


  1. Ick. My brothers kept a salt water tank. It lived at the end of the dining room table ~ to my utter disgust. I tell you, those fish were liable to join us at meal times & the results were NOT pleasant! I don't keep fish. I seem unable to keep them alive. We do much better with cats. ☺

    1. I wasn't overly keen on keep these fish, but my husband decided they would be his new hobby since his retirement - it keeps him happy and that is always good:)). So I made sure I got a tank I liked the look of and could live with in my lounge room and dear hubby has done the rest. I hope we can keep the last 2 alive.

  2. Poor Roy--- shame on Ronald. We've had our own experience with fish-- similar to yours!! Ugh-- hate fish- fish tanks--- the whole thing! We do much better with cats!

  3. I have to say, your post made me laugh. Fish are definitely not my thing. I always feel like they should have a big lake or river or ocean to swim in, not a tiny tank... :P On the other hand, it can be interesting to watch them for a few minutes - in someone else's tank!!!!!!!!!!

    1. P.S. Love your header. Very nice! :)

    2. When hubby decided he would like this as his new hobby I thought it wasn't a bad idea - he has really done his research and seems to be enjoying himself. That's what is important. But I will be so thrilled when the 6 foot tank is removed from my study then I can get on with creating a library:))) my hobby!!!


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