The weekly update

Dear friends,

What a morning - I have been busy tweaking my study and the rest of the house, moving bits and pieces from one room to another (and sometimes back to where they came from) plus tossing things out that I no longer want (bin or to charity).  My son has just come over and I gave him a few things for his house that I no longer wanted - its good to have someone to pass things onto!  Have I got things "just right", probably not - decorating seems to be an on-going task in my house as I change my mind!!  

In between the work inside the house, I was able to plant 24 snow pea seedlings and 16 English spinach seedlings in my veggie garden bed. Unfortunately the nursery didn't have any kale so I will need to pick that up during the week (probably Thursday).   Other news from garden - I am very happy that the bulbs I planted a few months a go are all popping out of the ground and will flower in late August/early September. 

How was your week?  Mine was busy, I plan to make sure that next week to much quieter and more relaxed when I get home after work.  This coming week my son and his wife are off on a mini honeymoon break to celebrate 1 year of marriage - they are spending three nights in alpine region where it will be very cold.   

Only one recipe to share with you this week - this is a fabulous carrot cake recipe, its very moist and very yummy. I made a slight modification - I added sultanas and walnuts to my recipe.


To a little bit of trivia, I was very pleased to hear the news that Jane Austen will be on the British ten pound note from 2017, replacing Charles Darwin (becoming extinct!).  I wonder what she would think about being on money of all things!


I usually tell you about the book I plan to read in the coming week - can't do that this week as I am in between books so to speak and yet to decide on this weeks book!!  That is something I plan to do in a few moments when I grab a cup of tea and some of that yummy carrot cake.  What are you reading?

Flowers I bought today to brighten up the kitchen. I love flowers in the house and try and get a bunch as often as possible. These ones are a combination of yellows and purple in the lime green jug.  Our fruit and veg box was delivered last night and as you can see, we have lots of fruit to get through this week!

And which of you by worrying can 
add one cubit to his stature?
Luke 12:25 NKJV

Not a single problem can be solved through worry - all it does is take the enjoyment out of each precious day.  Leave the worries to the Lord as He knows what to do with each one of them.  Your week ahead will be so much better when there are no worries cluttering up each day. 


  1. Hi Jo.

    I am reading Helen Hollick just now. Did a really good trilogy on the Arthurian period & has historical notes in the back of all her books so you know what she's sourced & why she's interpreted as she has. *sigh* Historical footnotes make me happy! ☺ Have a blessed week.

    1. Not an author I am familiar with - might have to check it out.

      Have a wonderful week:)

  2. Sounds like veggie garden is going to be absolutely thriving soon! I tried growing kale over winter without much luck?!?!?!?

    1. I went to two stores on the weekend and found no kale at all - very disappointed. Perhaps I am a little early and it might appear in the nurseries a little later. I had no problems last year but didn't plant very much as I wasn't sure if I would like it. I grew it among the spinach, but I am sure that made no differences. My beds are raised??

  3. Juvenile as it sounds, I have been re-reading for the umpteenth time the Chalet Books - did you ever read them? Interesting how you notice different things in books if you re-read them, especially if you read them years apart!

    Another week has past - got the Boy's bookcase and the hutch for the Girl's desk estapoled, they both look good. The Boy's room is not a baby room anymore with all those books!

    Got more peas from the garden, not too many at a time now, but the children love the peas from Mumma's garden!

    Hope you have a lovely week



    1. Sounds very busy - do the children like the new additions?

      I have never read the Chalet books, we never had them as children. Perhaps it wasn't something my mum every got into.

      I found with my snow peas I would never have enough for a meal so I just gave up and ate them straight off the bush as a snack!! This year I have planted more hoping to get enough for meals!!

      Lovely week to you and yours


  4. I like your comment about Charles Darwin becoming extinct... HAHA!!! Good one!!

    Was good to hear about all the goings-on in your house/life - enjoy hearing what you've been up to and how your garden is going. :)

    We've had a very busy week - it was our last week of holidays last week... This week we're back at school. I've been doing a LOT of cooking lately - trying out lots of new recipes, which has been fun! :)

    Of course, Dolly's birthday preparations took up some of the week, too ;)

    My garden has produced two red strawberries so far, with heaps more growing on the plants. We've got tomatoes, capsicum, chilis and zucchini fruiting at the moment - so exciting! Our herb garden is massive, seems almost out of control because we can't keep up with eating it as fast as it grows!!

    Your fruit and veg box looks great! Today I picked a big bowl of fresh veg from Frank's garden (snap peas, tomatoes and a huge head of cauliflower) - so yummy having so much fresh stuff to eat straight from the garden! :)

    1. It is really nice to eat freshly grown veg - as it does taste far better than veg that has been sitting in the supermarket for "who knows how long". Herbs do get a bit carried away at times, but it can look really nice in the garden so I never mind if it wanders off and does its own thing for a while.


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