Wintery update

Life is like this sometimes!

Dear friends,

What a cold, wet and grey weekend we are having. The only thing to do on days like this is to stay indoors and keep warm. And that is what I am doing.   

Yesterday (Saturday) a couple of guys came and pick up the very heavy 6 foot fish-tank (it was horrible conditions for moving the tank as it was sleeting and freezing). This is exciting news (for me anyway) as now I have my study in full and not sharing it with the ugly tank. My husband has cleaned the walls and carpet (where the tank was sitting) and tomorrow all my bookcases will arrive. This means I can do some major re-arranging of all our books and that is one exciting task!!  Hopefully in my next week's update I will be able to share some photos of my new study.

I don't have any new recipes to share this week as I haven't made anything new - I have been try to eat up pre-made meals in the freezer, some of which are poorly labeled so I am not entirely sure what I am defrosting!! Today I made chicken stock as we had run out - such an easy thing to make in bulk and freeze.

My dear husband surprised me with an early birthday present - a new iPod Classic. My previous one was getting old and not holding its power quite as it should. I have spent the afternoon sorting out my music so it is ready for Monday mornings drive to work. 

Painting of Amy by Burne-Jones
What am I reading this week:
After thoroughly enjoying the book "Uncommon Arrangements", I decided to read "A Profound Secret" by Josceline Dimbleby. This book is about the lives of the wealthy May Gaskell (Josceline's great-great grandmother) and her daughter Amy and their relationship with the Pre-Raphaelite painter Edward Burne-Jones (one of my favourite artists).  I am half way through and still waiting to find out the "secret" that May shared with Burne-Jones. Excellent read.

To us in modern times, the passionate (but none sexual relationship) between May (who was married) and Burne-Jones (also married) would be considered strange, but during the late Victorian era, this was not an un-usual arrangement when divorce was not allow and one wanted to avoid scandal. Burne-Jones wrote to May up to 5 letters a day for a number of years!!  Interestedly, mail was delivered to homes up to 7 times each day.  If Burne-Jones had access to text-messaging he would have been addicted!!

What are you reading at the moment?


While I was in Sydney for a few days I visited Taronga Zoo with my cousin and her two children (Miss 3 and Master 22 months) and we had the most wonderful outing. It took us all day to see all the animals and even then we missed a few (that we weren't as keen on seeing). Whilst Master 22 months had an afternoon rest, Miss 3 didn't stop the whole day. Thanks to prayers, my back was in great shape considering and held up really well with the walking (up and down hills) and the occasional jogging/running we did (to the bathroom and racing each other with the strollers)!!

A baby elephant bred at the zoo - 2 year old
The Australian Kangaroo, resting in the sun
Fairy or little penguin
Leopard Seal - very graceful creatures
These last two are the spectacular views the animals enjoy of Sydney Harbour - some prime real estate for sure. 

Thinking of you this week and prayers that the week is without incident which can be really difficult if you have children! But may the incidents be the nice sort and not the bad ones.

And get plenty of rest too - always important to keep one sane. 

Keep your face to the sunshine 
and you will not see the shadows.
Helen Keller


  1. Children make a visit to the zoo so much more fun, don't they! I have not had the computer for a couple of weeks and lagging in catching up with my favourite bloggers. I am sure you have a few good posts which I have missed but I am pushed to find time to read them.
    Glorious weather here. Some cloudy days but the temp is wonderful. It makes the Summer's bearable.

  2. Jo - I'm so excited for you to be getting new bookcases-- I know that is a wonderful pleasure for you! I'd be thrilled too!!

    Your vacation photos are so interesting and beautiful-- you must have had such a wonderful trip.

    We are in the middle of a heat wave-- I keep forgetting that it is the middle of winter for you--- do take care. I know it must be miserable--- at least you can curl up with your newly arranged books :)

  3. Beautiful pics of Sydney :-) and yay that's very exciting news about your study :-)

  4. Yay for your study/bookcases!! :D Look forward to seeing photos of your space. Have you got all your books organised satisfactorily yet?? :)
    Great photos - as usual! Love the photo of the elephant - how cute!!!!
    How fun to get an early birthday present! Music makes car trips so much nicer. :)

    1. It's all done, might need some slight modification to get it just right!! Took the opportunity to go go through all the books and tossing out two bags. Really pleased with the end result, cosy feel.

      I use the iPod every day in the car, never drive without music! Also play it when home, docked in its little station!


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