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I don't know about you, but I love looking for additions to my kitchen. In fact, to be honest there are three sorts of stores I love to visit - book stores, hardware stores (in Australia that would be Bunnings or Masters) and thirdly kitchen stores!! I rarely walk out of any of these empty handed!!  I am also a big fan of online kitchen stores too. 

So, what have I bought recently? 

More bowls, can't help myself. But I do use them all. I found these red ones in my favourite "french provincial"store and they match the blue ones beautifully.  They look like something my grandmother might have used. 

Whilst in "that" favourite shop (I really should have got out quickly, or perhaps not visited it at all) I spotted this cute jar with the rooster on top.  How good does it look with the pasta. A row of 5 or 6 would be really nice I think, perhaps one for rice, sugar, flour, rolled oats etc.... Get the idea - yes, I might go back and buy some more.  They come in various sizes.  Perfect on the French Dresser when I around to finding one I really like. (Ok, update . . . . since writing this I bought another 2 large ones and 3 small!!! Now I have a family of roosters on my shelf. )

How about this lime green 2 litre ceramic jug from Aldi which I might use as a vase or in the kitchen, or both.  Aldi is a great store for kitchenware, its never expensive but it does lasts.  Right now I have flowers in it and it looks great as a vase. 

Salt pig - like many things in my kitchen - its fireman red! It doesn't mean it goes any faster than non red items in the kitchen. 

Have you bought any  new additions for your kitchen?


  1. Looks great! Love the bowls. I haven't brought anything, I am just happy to actually move upstairs and have a 'real' kitchen for the first time in 11 years. Praise God!

    1. Enjoy that kitchen of yours:))

      Have a wonderful weekend, hope it isn't too cold where ever you are:))

  2. Yes, I have, although it's not very exciting - I recently bought a heap of new storage containers - some for the pantry (to accommodate my bulk buys) and some for the freezer - have been making some preserves lately like stewed apple/applesauce, and ran out of containers!! So not very exciting for other people to hear about, but very exciting for me!
    Oh, and I did buy a Tupperware measuring jug as my old one (not Tupperware) was getting a bit faded (the measurement markings). :)

    1. With only 2 of us, I have downsized some of my storage containers and gave eldest son a bunch so he didn't need to buy any. I would never have bought the glass rooster jars with young children as they would sure break them!! only now that I am child free can I buy certain things!!

  3. OH yes I agree - kitchen gadget stores are so wonderful! :-) Love the little jug

    1. I do need to avoid them every so often as I really only have limited space in my kitchen!!


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