Art Friday: The girl and her cat

Katherine and Lilu

Even if you don't like cats, I think you will love these photos by Russian photographer Andy Porkh.  Katherine is his daughter and this series is called "The girl and her cat" because they feature Katherine and Lilu the gorgeous Grey British Shorthair cat.  What is most amazing to me is Porkh has taken the two most difficult things to photograph - children and animals - and created these incredible imagines. 

This one contains younger shots of Katherine and her cat:

Tells a little more about the relationship between Katherine and Lilu who have been inseparable since Katherine was a baby.


  1. These are lovely, though I think my favourite is one you haven't shown here with Katherine under the bed & Lilu peering over it.

    Can't think of a better subject myself than a girl & her cat!

    1. My favourite (its hard as I liked so many of them) was the mathematical writing all over the wall as the cat has her ears back in concentration. I have no idea how the dad got the cat to sit in the some of the photos. Its really amazing and beautiful .

  2. Amazing! I wonder how long it took to get each photo right, and how many photos were taken that didn't work out??!

    1. How much pre-training when on with the cat so she was happy to do all these things. My cat would wander off!! Lilu is a very large cat so it would be like working with a dog!!

  3. hehe my favourite Art Friday yet!


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