Art Friday: John Bradley

I was reading an art magazine during the week and came across an Australian artist that I had never heard of, but once I saw his work, I thought it was so typically Australian and really quite lovely. rThe artist is John Bradley and he was born in Sydney in 1945 and now lives in the Hunter Valley.

I love this one - it screams "Australia" I think!


  1. They are great! I really like the ones you have here!

    1. Glad you liked this one - I think they are lovely and would very much like (and never will) an original on my wall.


  2. My favorites are the top one and the one with the huge jacaranda tree! :-) My mom loves jacaranda. The top one looks like a place I'd like to visit.

    1. They are quintessential Australia which is perhaps why I like them so much. Jacarandas are lovely but sadly they don't grew in my part of the world.

  3. Oh, these are wonderful! I love them - and yes, I agree that the one you wrote "screams Australia" really is so typically Australian, and beautiful! Love the work this artist does - what talent! Love the way he frames his subject matter, too.
    I would find it difficult to choose just one if I could afford to buy a piece - all of them are gorgeous!!!

    1. I would love one of these on my wall for sure - but I think they are very pricy!! They are lovely and I knew when I found them that you would like them too.


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