Friends and happiness

Being happy doesn't mean
that everything is perfect.

Its means you're decided
to look beyond the imperfections.

This beautiful orchid plant was given to me by two close girlfriends for my birthday. On Sunday they put on a lovely afternoon tea with a delicious birthday cake and we have a wonderful time chatting together (with lots of laughing for sure).  Both women are mothers and grandmothers and have raised great children into adulthood, now they are enjoying grand-motherhood and love their grandchildren to bits. 

As I was leaving I was given a big bag of lemons, cauliflower and broccoli all grown organically from Mrs G's garden (its one of her passions).  I don't have a lot of friends, but these two are very special and I feel very privileged to know them. 

I will be very happy to grow old with these two ladies. I can imagine many more afternoon teas together and outings to local markets (something we enjoying doing now)!! And once we all retire from work, going on some crazy outings I am sure. 


  1. How beautiful..and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! My Mum always tells me, that if I can count on one hand some true friends then I am blessed. How true!

    1. Its not the number, its the quality thats important:))

  2. It is very beautiful! Most of my friends are also relatives - do they still count?!?

    1. I'm related to most of mine too! - they are still friends too:))

  3. Loved the idea of tea with a couple of close friends. For this is the very thing that makes my heart sing. To be a good friend is as important as having one. I think we will be pen pals as I so look forward to your post.
    Happy Birthday and may you be blessed with many more!!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Thankyou for the birthday greetings. My son and his wife came to visit last night and brought a large chocolate birthday cake for me:))) which was so sweet but I need to find some people to share it with as I can't eat it all myself (would be terrible for the wait line).

      Whilst penpals can't share a physical cup of tea, we can still enjoy each others company!!

      Blessings and have a lovely weekend.

  4. Happy Birthday for last weekend! Sounds like you had a lovely day. xxx
    Its so lovely having wonderful friends.

    1. My son and daughter-in-law came around on Friday (a week after my birthday) with a large chocolate walnut cake. After having two slices on the weekend and sharing it with my husband and son/daughter - I took the other half to work and my colleagues all had some . Hate to think of the number of calories in each slice. It was very sweet of them:))


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