High tea at the Hyatt

Had a wonderful Sunday afternoon at the Hyatt enjoying High-Tea with my daughter-in-law, her mother, aunt and uncle. The food was wonderful (as you can see from the selection above) and the company was lovely.  Can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon. 

While we were waiting in line for food, a little girl in front of us was grinning at us in her best dress and a pretty ribbon in her hair.  Her mother told us that this was her first high-tea and she was proud as punch to be out with her mother, grandmother and co. I think its really important (and loads of fun) to take girls to places like this, to enjoy afternoon tea and the company of others. Its one of those indulgences that most of us like young, old or somewhere in the middle. If I have grand-daughters, this is one place I will certainly be taking them to. 

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprise to see so many women dressed in pretty dresses/skirts with nicely done hair, shoes etc...  enjoying this treat on a cold winters afternoon.  


  1. Sounds like fun! Of course, I believe the name "high tea" is a bit of a misnomer - high tea did not originate as a fancy afternoon tea! ;) And originally it was a meal for the working class that was served at high tables... :P But today's "high tea" is rather elegant. I've never been somewhere to have a modern high tea - sounds rather expensive!

    1. It's much less expensive if you make it at home, Clara. ;-) One of our family traditions has been making fancy "tea parties" for special occasions, or just because we wanted to. We usually don't have a hot dish, but in the not so distant past we've served it up with nicely cut small sandwiches, some special treat, tea pots and tea cups and lots of little nice "trimmings". :-)

    2. Yes, we have done the same thing. Going to the Hyatt would be Very expensive.

    3. Whilst we don't do this regularly, they are lovely treats for birthdays and other special occasions. My sons have taken me to a few for Mother's Day afternoon teas and we have had a lovely time. It is nice to be waited upon and treated special and that's how you feel at places like this - indulgences. And no cleaning up afterwards or dishes.

      Yes, they are reasonably expensive at around $50 per head, so its not something you do often but I always enjoy them when we do.

    4. The Hyatt here is quite old and inside has lovely decor (unlike many of the modern ones) so its nice to "step back in time" a little and enjoy the surrounds.

    5. Mary - growing up my mum would make lovely afternoon teas on Sundays but there were always dishes at the end!!! This is one way to avoid those dishes:))) and going out at the same time.

  2. Looks very lovely and enjoyable. :-) Would be a very fun once-in-a-long-while treat.

  3. I had "high tea" but think it was given another name (forgotten now) in Toronto, Canada with a friend and her 'wealthy' sis-in-law. It was Ok, but a bit over-rated in my opinion. I mean, I would just prefer to stay home in a comfy chair relaxing with a giant piece of choc cheesecake myself - but that is my weakness! =)
    Glad you had a good time! After all, as I said at my birthday, it isn't the food or surroundings, but the people who are there who make an event memorable for the right (or wrong) reasons! =)

    1. We did have a lovely time with lots of chatter and eating. A bit of girls outing and that is always a nice thing. Its not an everyday activity, but it is lots of fun to do and I do hope one day I can take my grandchildren to places like this. My sons use to love them when they were young - they felt very important being waited upon.


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