Joy and happiness through the day

Happiness is for today. 

Joy is available now.

 We are NOT to put it on hold. 

Happiness isn't something that will secretly open up to us when we turn fifty-five, or when we reach some goal or fund the right marriage partner. Happiness is for now. It is inseparably linked to the living Lord. . .  Happiness is to pervade all the years of our life. We don't have to wait until we reach some magical age when we are allowed to crack open the door and slip silently into the realm of happiness. It's there for us to enjoy throughout our days. 

from Wisdom for the way by Charles R Swindoll

I am a happy person, it takes a lot for me to loose my "happiness", but for some people it doesn't always come as easy and it can be a struggle just getting up in the morning.  Its on those sad days that I wish I could send a little bundle of my happiness to share as I don't like seeing sad people :)

I do have tough days, things don't always go to plan, my marriage is most certainly not always rosy (sometimes its plain difficult) and my children cause me stress . . . but I can't comprehend the thought of wasting a day of happiness/joy and it does feel like a waste!

I only need to look at my contented cat and she always brings out a smile!!

Or pick up a book and read a little . . . that can warm the heart.

Or bake a cake and invite a friend for afternoon tea!

Whilst I hear women grumble about going off to work and wishing they were at home . . . what does that achieve but unhappiness, make the most of it . . . working outside the home isn't the worse thing you could do, is it? Always look on the bright side of life and its amazing what you can find, be like Anne Frank "I don't think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains".

And if you trust in the Lord, what can go wrong?

So for this Thursday . . .  sending you all some happiness and joy and lets rejoice together as we really do have lots to rejoice about.

Whoever is happy will make others happy too.
Anne Frank

Photography: by Joluise 


  1. Awesome post! Love it's message. I want to invite you to my new blog. Blessings.

    1. Thankyou for stopping by, will come visit:)))

      Blessings and joy


  2. Hello, I just wanted to say hello to you and tell you I have enjoyed looking at your blog and reading a few other older posts. I really like how I could even sense that you were happy and joyous person. I try also to look at the goodness of God and keep my eyes upon Him!
    I liked your name it is very pretty. I also like pink, I do not wear the color but I do have a room filled with it. I call it my Chick Room! I hope to get to know you, I love my cat also as she does speak to me like What's the hurry? I think it is time for a nap! :)
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Thanks Roxy for dropping by, glad you enjoyed my blog. I love pink and do wear it and I have pink around the house such as my throw rugs. It brightens up the room I always think.


      Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Very true. And when all else fails, we should try to rejoice in the Lord at the very least. :)

    1. Completely and not grumble because we think He is causing all the grief.


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