Knitting update

Ruby and my new wool
I went wool shopping last Friday and discovered some amazing wools to buy, I just need to improve my knitting skills so I can use them.  I decided to move from making a simple square to making a scarf which can't be that hard (?) to make and its certainly something I will wear during winter - so its something useful! 

This is the wool I finally bought, it was a hard decision making up my mind!! I was planning on making a black scarf, but as you can see here, this is certainly not black - it contains all the colours of the rainbow!! Its 50% wool, 50% acrylic and made in Turkey.

Now (whilst I hate to admit it), I learnt a valuable lesson this week . . .  make sure you have the right needles for the job. The wrong needles really do cause problems . . . I bought 7mm needles for this wool and this is the result. More like a heavy blanket and certainly not suitable for a scarf. 

What I really needed was size 20 (mm) which is much much BIGGER as you can see below.

This is what it should look like, looser and softer. 

And this is the finished products - took me an afternoon and hard knitting. It is very warm and snug and I am very pleased with the results. Even DH was impressed by the scarf and wondered if I could do one in black for him!

It is certainly very warm!!


  1. Good on you! Looks very colourful! Wow, 20mm needles, that is huge! The biggest I have used so far is 6mm and I am finding that is not giving me the result I would like, waiting for my new needles to arrive =)

    Just spent 40 minutes trying to put David to sleep, and even had a brief nap in that time myself. Popped him in the cot, then came out to write email for hubby. All of a sudden there was a noise, and I turn around and there is David! Holding a teddy in his arms! In the dark he climbed out of his cot and came out! That is a first! What a waste of 40 minutes!

    Aren't you glad those days are done...



    1. The 20mm needles do make the hand ache after using them like I did ( all afternoon)! But it does make knitting really quick.

      At 21, they can still cause their mother grief and worry! But not often sleepless nights etc... Hope Davd is settled now:)))

  2. It looks lovely, Jo! :) Great work!

  3. Love, Love, Love!!! It is beautiful! I love the colors. I have started a knitting quilt exhibition and have nearly finished my first square. I should blog about it one of these days too.

    1. Yes,do share your knitting - it gives other inspiration:)))) This is well suited to our winters.

  4. Oh, that is beautiful! What gorgeous yarn! :-)

    1. Thanks, it is lovely yarn and would make a beautiful jumper. However it is pricy so if you needed too many balls it would be expensive.

  5. hehehe yes I had to learn about needle size the hard way too! Glad you finally have it sorted - looks like it will turn out lovely :-)
    Cute kitty! ;-)

    1. If I hadn't sorted out the needles I would have needed so much more wool and at $10 per ball it would have been one expensive scarf, so it was a necessary thing to fix!!!

      She is a very cute kitty:))

  6. Hi Jo--- your scarf is beautiful. I love the colors of the yarn. You will enjoy wearing your knitted treasure when there is a chill in the air:)



    1. Thanks very much Vicki, It is very warm and with some cold weather coming up it will be very handy.



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