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I am a fan of boxes for storage. I don't know about you, but I run out of places to put things and I find boxes (big and small) very handy. There are many to choose from and they come in many different sizes and shapes. They start from a under a dollar and can cost over $20 for the fancy ones. There a girly boxes, boxes for children, more boyish boxes and just plain boxes.  I always struggle in deciding which ones I need as there is often too many to choose from!!

If mine are on display (such as on a shelf in the bedroom) I go for the more expensive feminine designed ones (see below). If they are for the cupboard (e.g. for sewing) where only I see them  -  I am not as fussy. 

These feminine boxes are in my bedroom - considering how pretty they look, they aren't expensive additions to a room -  the larger box was $12, the smaller box $9 and but really do look lovely on the shelf. These I picked up from the Reject Store (dollar store). I can imagine a little girl loving these in her room (I would have for sure).

Today I went to my favourite "Reject store" and bought a new box. This one is much sturdier than the other boxes I have and therefore should last much longer (its also quite roomy too). It has both butterflies and pink roses on it - perfect for me as these are two of my favourite things and I really like the catch on the front plus those words.
This one is on a shelf in my study and I am using it for stationary items ..... isn't it pretty?

Are you into boxes or is it just me and my need to keep things looking tidy and neat? 


  1. I would love to use more! Will have to think about how I can be more organised! I have decorated paper mache boxes with wrapping paper cutouts - was fun! In fact, my nieces and nephews have all benefitted this year from the time I spent making them all those years ago! =)
    Love those pink boxes with the roses!

    1. I tend to buy the box first and then wonder what I might do with it. I really ought to be more practical and work out what I need then buy the box. They are excellent for craft items for sure.

  2. Lol- this is SO me!! I love pretty boxes and I buy them all the time. It's like a little obsession with me . I even have boxes that are still empty-- I'm bad:)


    1. I'm glad to meet another addict!!!! I also occassionally have empty boxes just waiting to be used:)))))) but they are so handy to have!!!!

      Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I have a few and actually saw those nice ones with the clasps today at The Reject shop here! With a new rented house IS will nxt be looking for some paperwork type ones as we have no 'office' here and my plastic containers look a little ho-hum out in public :-)

    1. These boxes are great for office type things as they come in all different sizes and they do look like in an open area where others will see them.

      Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


  4. Yes I'm also a big fan of boxes for storage & I agree that when they are for display the pretty ones are worth the few extra dollars! Love those pink flower ones you have - so pretty!
    I saw that box in the reject shop with Paris decorations - was very tempted to get it lol!

    1. They can be very tempting!!! and I have bought them and wondered what to use them for!!!

  5. I love those kinds of boxes too - I have a couple of them... Sadly the types of things I use them for means they don't last terribly well - I usually like using them for things I have to move around (like carrying craft items from one place to the other) and the boxes just don't last well for heavy things - I have a couple I've stored paper in, but the corners of them are all broken. For that reason, I often tend to go for plastic boxes that have greater durability. I do use the cardboard ones for some things though - and I definitely like the pretty ones best! And those top ones in your post look really cool with those reinforced corners - now that's what I'm talking about - those would last MUCH better, and they're beautiful! :)

    1. The ones i use in my bedroom are treated with care as I really like them and want them to last. The ones I keep my craft goodies in, have been replaces (some, not all) due to the things I put in them being heavy, but generally most last quite well I have found. I have a few under my bed for shoes and they do break if opened too often.

      I'm sure your daughter would like them, I know I would have as a young girl.!


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