Going back in time

Blair McMillan, his girlfriend and two children have given up any and all forms of technology released to the world after 1986.That means no mobile phones, no internet, no Facebook, no email, no Twitter, no DVD players, no CDs, no mp3 players, few, if any, colour computers. No online banking. No digital cameras. No cable TV. No Nintendo 64. No Xbox. No PlayStation. Music will be played either through a radio or cassette tape. Looking at photos of people on other people's phones has also been banned. The only approved TV shows and video games were ones that aired on or before 1986.
Source: news.com.au

What do you think?

Could you stop using modern technology?

The answer is no for me - I love internet banking, I love being able to stay in touch with people and "chat" online, I love having so much knowledge at my finger tips, I love listening to my music on the iPod, having a phone with me whenever I need it, shopping online.  I see no reason to "go back in time". 

If I suddenly had no access to all of this, could I cope - yes of course, I was born in an era before all of this modern technology became available to the general population. But I have no desire to not use what I have available to me. Just like I have no desire to not use my washing machine, microwave, food processor, stand mixer, vacuum cleaner, hair drier, hair straighter, car, heating etc...... This is all part of my modern life, it makes my life easier and there is nothing wrong with that. I can do things quicker and have more time to do other things and to be honest - what is the point of "going backwards in time". Does having less of these items really simplify your life or just take you longer to do a task.  I think women of the past would have died for a washing machine, vacuum cleaner or a sewing machine that didn't required pedalling.

Boiling up the copper and spending the entire day washing would not have been fun for anybody.  Women didn't enjoy these tasks, but they had no choice so just did them. But once easier ways were found, women certainly embraced them. 

But if you had to loose some thing "modern" what could you live without? Or not live without!


  1. I like modern technology. I could easily ditch the t.v but on~line banking & knowledge at the press of a key? I like that. I have only just got a phone but I feel better knowing my youngest & I can keep in contact when she's travelling. It makes me *think* she's safer. lol

  2. I could do without the television in a heartbeat! I also love online banking.:)

    1. Whilst we don't watch much TV (mostly DVD's) I would miss having the TV in the evenings!! But I could still watch DVDs via the computer, its just isn't as comfortable!!

  3. I am sure we could all do without the computer/internet, but it is awfully handy =) The TV isn't even here so not an issue for me. Being without cars would be painful, but maybe it would better for us to live at a slower pace?

    1. Living without the car would be a pain, but I work with a guy who can't drive (eye problems) and catches buses, rides his bike, walks, taxis etc.. and its amazing how it doesn't seem to stop him at all (he lives alone). His children are now all grown up, but when they were little he still managed to get around ok.

    2. PS does living without technology really slow us down or mean we have to do more? Instead of internet banking I would need to visit a bank or post-office. I am not sure it really does make us go slower. Just a thought.

  4. haha I couldn't do without the internet that's for sure! We were without it for 3 days after a storm and that was really hard for me!
    I don't think I would like to have to cope without our air-conditioner either! All my previous homes never had it, its such a wonderful luxury :-)
    Also had to live without a car for 4ish months, that was ok, I learnt to survive, but it sure is handy to have a second vehicle when needed -makes life so much easier!

    1. Fortunately when the internet is down of can't use my computer (like last night when we were having a thunderstorm) I can still use my iPad and that is great.

      We don't have air-conditioning and there are days when I would just love it, but my husband is very anti-air conditioning (perhaps when I am old I might get one!!).

      We can all survive if we have to, its just I don't want to!

  5. I think there would be no harm in doing without technology at least sometimes. I think life definitely does go at a slower pace when technology is limited or doesn't exist - even though there's more to do sometimes (without the technology), I think our brain can work at a slower pace when we're not constantly bombarded with internet, TV, ads, media, machines, etc. While people might think that technology saves them time, it doesn't REALLY save time - it just enables us to fill our time with something else... To the point that our day is crammed super full. And we feel we got more done. This has two effects - firstly we seem to get more done, but secondly, it also makes us feel more tired at the end of the day even though our day is less labour-intensive.

    1. Its good to give our brains/eyes a rest occasionally and this is when I pick up a book and read. One of the reasons for not getting a kindle and continuing to read books is I want to have that break from technology and give my eyes the rest they really need at the end of the day and paper is still so much easier to read for me.


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