How to knit a knitted dish towel

I currently use hand knitted dish cloths (just like previous generations used) which another blogger gave me over 18 months ago. These are excellent as they can be used over and over again, tossed into the washing machine and as a result heaps cheaper than the disposable clothes (which I no longer buy).  So I was thrilled to find a pattern to make my own and wanted to share it with  you. 

Free knitting pattern: Knitted dish clothes

I think I will buy some cotton yarn and make a few myself. They are far nicer than anything you buy and help the environment as well. Aren't these ones below pretty?

Here is another patter done in gorgeous butter yellow:

Heap more patterns/designs!

If only I could crochet then I could make my own crocheted face clothes

And whilst on the subject of re-usable clothes - are you big users of paper towels?  We are, so how about unPaper towels?  Its not something I have ever thought of using, but what a lot of money I could save in a year by not using as much paper towel as we do.

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  1. I currently use disposable dishcloths - but I usually use them for about 3 months before they get too nasty and need to be replaced. I don't like chux because they get nasty far too quickly. I wouldn't mind moving over to washable dishcloths - I grew up with them. I think one thing that puts me off is the way too often they seem to end up mouldy or going black and looking generally nasty. Maybe I just need to find them in the right type of fabric that dries quickly and easily - thicker ones that don't dry well enough are more likely to mould.
    I also currently use paper towels - one of the best ways to mop up fats and oils, for example, and not really something you want to be washing down your drain. I suppose there's some times when I could use unpaper towels, but most of the time paper works so much better.

    1. Mine have never gone mouldy or nasty - they don't even smell which is surprising now that you mention it. I always make sure they are rinsed and hung over the sink to dry over night (that is never a problem even in winter when the house is cold). When required, I just toss them in the washing machine and move onto the next one.

      I wouldn't use the "unpaper towels" as I use the paper ones to clean up oil from my hot plates and its just easier to toss the paper away - but I can see a purpose for the cloth ones though (perhaps not in winter when drying is more of an issue).

      Hopefully I can find the time to knit some clothes for myself in the coming months.

  2. WOW! Very nice! Love the colors! Wish I could do fiber and fabric arts! Great blog you have here!

    1. I am no expert with knitting, but these do look very easy and something I could manage!!

      Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. Well, Jo, I can't knit ~ but I can crotchet so I may have to try the last link. The instructions are for a very basic stitch & it shouldn't take too long to do one.

    1. You do the crocheting as I can't! and I will knit and we will get them all made:))

  4. Hello, I have a few knitted cloths, but I still use my boughten ones. I always use a clean one every morning and a dish towel.
    My daughter has made me some double thick pads for the counter to place my hot dishes on.
    Thanks for the links! Paper towel is one thing I am not sure I want to go without :0
    By the way the photos on last post were amazing! You have a good eye!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. I do love my paper towel and buy it in bulk (15 rolls) from Costco - its very handy with cats I have to admit.

      The knitted ones wash very well so as long as you have enough you can use one a day. I just need to knit some more (when I find the time!!).


  5. I love these. I use washable dishclothes - until they die!!!! ;-)
    But I definitely am going to try and make my own now instead of buying them!
    I prefer crochet but something little like this I could probably attempt to knit!!! ;-)
    And def like the crochet one!!! hahaha

    1. The ones I am using (that someone knitted for me) are holding up so well, not sign of falling apart after 18 months and many washes - they really are quite tough!

  6. Jo- I love knitted dish cloths-- to me they are treasures-- nothing is better!! I can sense that you have really taken a love to knitting-- all of your projects are just wonderful.

    If I had time I could sit and knit dishcloths all day long :)


  7. Thank you, this post was very helpful. Currently I'm barely a beginner at both knitting and crochet. The links you shared are very helpful.

    At home we hardly ever use paper unless its bathroom tissue. I just cut up old towels for multi-purpose uses. We sewed our own pretty napkins as a beginning sewing project with my oldest daughter.


    God-Fearing Mom


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