Pretty dresses this summer

I love feminine clothes, so I was thrilled to see a very pretty range of dresses for sale this summer.  I think we can thank the Duchess of Cambridge for bringing back some class and style to women's clothing.  I don't wear dresses a lot, but I do own a few which I wear to work and some for weekend wear.  My own grumble about these sorts of dresses - they are generally made from cotton (and thats good) but they can be a pain to iron!! As a result I generally drip dry them to make it easier. 

This selection is from the Ezibuy online store. 

If only I could sew dresses, but I am a long way from obtaining that skill!! 

This would be lovely to wear on a hot summers day.

I particularly like this dress. I would wear this one to work but would need a cardigan as the office can be a little cool.
Are you one for wearing dresses like these or do you prefer skirts?
I just love all the bright colours.


  1. I wear mostly dresses and sometimes skirts. I only have one pair of pants that I wear when I NEED to, boating, heavy work, etc. I think I might buy another pair of pants for the coming winter. I found a great website where you can change the length of the hem, sleeves, or neckline on certain styles. It was buy one get one, so I tried it out. Good quality, but the dresses all ran SMALL. It's either lose a few pounds or order the next size up. Bummer. Dresses are so much cooler than shorts on a hot day.

    1. I do buy clothes on line but not often dresses and its so hard to get the size right and I do like to try them on to make sure they don't "stick" out in strange places like hips!!! I like dresses as they look smart and stylish.

      I only wear skirts/dresses at work and people just accept that is what I do and no one comments. I do wear shorts at home in summer but don't have the legs for anywhere else!!! but for some activities in summer I will wear 3/4 length pants.

  2. I actually don't own a dress or even a skirt. I simply don't wear them. I have tactile issues & I actually find dresses really immodest! I do like to find long pretty Ts as they are my standard dress over pants ~ but I don't work outside my home either.

    1. What you feel comfortable in is important:))) I love dresses but they need to be comfortable and do not require lots of ironing (as I dislike ironing)!!.

      But at work I live in skirts and I have quite a collection - long, knee length and everything in between.

  3. Hello Dear Friend,
    I love the idea of wearing a dress, but I always find it way harder to find one that fits right. I tend to wear more skirts, but I really need to find some that look good. And also easy to care of! I still wear slacks, but I am always way more comfortable in skirts.
    But, as I get older my whole way of dress is changing as my body is going a wee bit south:)
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. I also find it hard to find a dress that I feel really comfortable in, but I do have a few I really enjoy wearing. And I wear these quite a bit in summer. I also like dresses to hide those bumps that appear as you get older!!

      In the skirt department I tend to wear straight skirts as they make me look less "hippy" around the waist!!

  4. Wow they are all such pretty dresses :D
    Love a nice summer dress

  5. Those dresses are really pretty. I especially like the first one and the last one most of all. :) I have a few dresses, but I tend to wear skirts more frequently because they're so handy with mixing and matching tops to make a lot more combinations of clothing. :)

    1. Dresses haven't been that great for so long, it is refreshing to see some very pretty ones now available on the market.


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