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Dear friends and family,

If only you all could come and visit, I have freshly baked chocolate chip muffins cooling the shelf (far too many for just me) and the tea is ready.  Sadly that won't happen so I have sent a message to my son and his wife to visit and enjoy the muffins instead! 

How are you all?  Did you have a lovely week?  I know one particular reader is very excited as her husband's family is visiting (just arrived in Australia) from the USA - I am sure they will have the most wonderful few weeks together, very precious weeks for sure.

This was also the week to remember the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attack in New York.  Whilst we are such a long way from the event, it has touched us all in some way and we can all remember where we were at that tragic moment.  Whilst most of us are never directly touched by these horrible events, death and destruction seems to be happening in some part of the world ever day, with Syria being in a terrible situation at the moment. I thank the Lord daily for keeping my family and I safe, we are very blessed. 

For my dear cousin recovering in hospital, I am so glad you are doing well and I am sure all my readers send their prayers to you and here is a <<hug>> from me.  For anyone else who isn't feeling very well - get well soon xxxx

Today I visited my local plant nursery and bought a couple more plants for my vegetable garden - dill (great in potato salad), sage (love this with lamb roast) and lettuce (nothing better than picking leaves straight from the garden that haven't been sprayed with chemicals).  The spinach is almost ready to pick, the snow peas are growing almost before my eyes and the other lettuce leaves are doing very well. 

My Arum Lily has just started to flower and isn't this flower beautiful. When I see a flower like this, I can' help but feel happy, they are just so lovely. When I was a child we use to pick these (as they grew wild along the creek) and place them in water that contained dye - over time the dye would travel up the stem and change the colour of the white flower. 

During the week I visited a Bonsai display and here are three of the mini-trees.  Most of the bonsai commenced their life in the 1980's but there were a few that were much older (1940-1950).  I love bonsai and these three were my favourite. The last one is still naked (!) but was covered in tiny little buds. 

Always be a little kinder than necessary
J. M. Barrie


  1. You sound quite chirpy this fine day. You are right that we should be thankful for where we live. Sometimes we think Australia is in a bad way but not in comparison to the rest to the world.
    Enjoy your cooking and visitors!

    1. Thanks Ruby - I am a chirpy person, rarely anything else:))) There is just too much to be happy about.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Yes, you really are a cheerful person. I'm glad - it's rare to find people who can be happy so often like that; your cheerfulness is inspiring! :)
    We had a VERY busy week, and it was a relief to have it all come together this morning and be able to rest a little this afternoon after everyone had settled in a little. :)
    What a fun experiment - to put the flowers in water with dye! We did that with celery once, but I think it would be even more fun with a white flower! Maybe one day we'll get to have a go with that! :)
    Bonsai isn't really my thing. The plants are sometimes cute though.

    1. These bonsai were really interesting and they weren't as small as you might think. One gum tree would have been 5 foot high, so it was a big bonsai.

      I don't know what other flowers will change colours, perhaps all as they all have to suck up water.

      I am glad you think my cheerfulness is inspiring - its rather touching:)) thankyou.

      Enjoy your time you your family.


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