Drafting a skirt or top

I have just discovered a great blog (I think its pretty good).

I have been on the hunt for sewing blogs, the sort that give practical advice on how to make basic garments, not those making couture that is way out of my league!  Shannon Sorensen Designs is one such blog and I have attached two really useful links for anyone wanting to draft their own patterns. 

And whilst I was wandering about I came across this nice top and its free pattern. I will certainly give this one a go - I have printed off my pattern, just need to assemble it!!:  http://www.colettepatterns.com/shop/sorbetto

Check out the advice for "tummy bulge" in this old article - its worth a read!!!  


  1. Those look like really useful links! Thanks! I'm going to bookmark them for reference, too! :)

    1. These two drafting patterns make it look really easy - I have the large sheets of paper (from our mapping guys at work) and I have bought a long 1 metre ruler to make it easier. I would love to try the top first. Will let you know how it goes!!

    2. I've drafted quite a few patterns, but not many things that were bigger than a doll or doll's clothes! I need to get some drafting paper (I think you can buy it at Spotlight now) before doing anything big, to make the pattern lighter and easier to manage than it would be if you stuck lots of smaller bits of paper together! Do tell me how it goes - I don't have time to draft people clothing right now - busy working on stuffed animals and doll clothing right now!

  2. Ooooo I really like that top pattern - think I"ll give that a try :-) Love the ribbon around the waist too - so simple yet it really adds a pretty touch to the top!

    1. I have printed the 24 pages and now need to cut and put the pattern together. I thought I would use a cheaper fabric in my first attempt in case it doesn't quite go as smoothly. I also liked the ribbon around the waist. Some people I noticed when I googled imagines of this design, have added sleeves, but that looked a little too tricky for me!!

    2. haha! i quite liked how the sleeves were 'capped' without being anything flash!
      Good luck - i hope it works out nicely for you
      And good idea to start with cheaper fabric!


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