Groceries from around the world

USA ($341.00US)
If you have time, check out this link - its a fascinating look at a weekly family grocery purchase from around the world (with the cost in US $$). The one above is from the USA, lots of packaged foods - very little healthy nutritious food in that pile, no wonder life expectancy is declining and obesity is rising in the USA.  I can't get over the amount of "junk" food in many of the western purchases, including the amount of bottled fizzy drinks for a week.  The Turkish one was my favourite as it contains mostly fresh food (excluding the coco cola which I avoid)!!   

Which one did you relate to the best?

Turkey ($145 US) - even in Australia it is way cheaper to buy fresh and make from scratch than buy ready made packaged food.
Australia ($376 US)
Whilst we in the west over eat and have huge amount of wastage, the people of Chad only have the basics. ($1.23)

Peter Menzel is the photography and this is the link to the book he has written on the food we buy.


  1. Wow--yes, the US is bad for processed food. Unfortunately, lots of the processed food is cheaper here! It is more expensive to buy fresh, organic, wholesome foods. I still don't buy any of the boxed foods though--not even cereal. I would probably identify most with Australia, and then Turkey after that, but take away all the processed foods in the pictures!

    1. I think this is where we are blessed, I can buy a large box of in season fruit and vegetable for not a huge price and I know its grown locally, not travelled that far and its fresh. Even organic products aren't too expensive which is really nice. Our meat is also much cheaper which means we can enjoy a lovely lamb roast without breaking the bank. The only "in the box" food I buy is rice and pasta and rolled oats (for porridge) plus a few tinned items.

  2. That book looks brilliant! Do you have a copy yourself? I try to make as much as I can myself, but time is a huge problem...

    1. No I don't, but I might see if the library has a copy so I can look at it. It does look really interesting.

  3. I agree - the food from Turkey looks great.... the food from western countries looks pretty horrible, really. I would much rather eat the bright appealing foods from gardens and orchards, rather than packaged food that is often ugly in colour (or fakely coloured) and barely resembles real food!

    1. Pre-packaged food really isn't appealing at all. I enjoy cutting up all my veggies for a curry or casserole and seeing the bright colours and different shapes and knowing it is fresh and full of goodness. Dad and I had a long conversation the other day about the demise of the veggie garden. He said in his street he could only think of two households who have their own veg garden and he is one of them. It isn't that hard to set one up and it really isn't a huge amount of work for the healthy produce that it returns.


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