The humble tea-towel

My new tea-towels, one is already in use

At what point in one's life does one get excited about a pile of new tea-towels?

At my age!!

I went to Costco on the weekend with my son and I bought (among other things) 8 new tea-towls and gave my husband a pile of old scruffy ones (to use in the shed).  It was so nice to open my drawer this morning and remove a brand new tea-towel that looked smart, stain-free and scruff-free!!

Even the smallest, most trivia things in life that can bring joy and a smile!!

And if you thought tea-towels were for only drying dishes, how wrong you are:

Easy apron
Wrap ice and break
Line your tea tray
Protect your tender hands 
Dry fresh greens
Create a cushion
Give as gifts
Wrap as gift wrap
Line your bread basket to keep bread hot
As a napkin or table cloth
As a placemat or table runner
Wrap a wine bottle
To stabilise a mixing bowl
Drying glasses - stand on a tea-towel to soak up the water
Line shelves inside cabinets
Frame-able art

And if you are a boy (my brothers) then you use them to "flick" your siblings!!

Any other ideas?



  1. It is so hard to get proper tea towels! Good for you if you got some, I bought some new ones this year, but only one side of each towel dries in a way I deem passable!

    1. The only ones I like are these cloth ones, I don't like the linen ones as they are really bad at drying. So far these appear to be doing ok. I also don't find price a good indicator of whether they work or not.

  2. I love having new towels to use too, so I totally understand your excitement! We got some new ones this year but they weren't ones that work real well and they're already starting to wear (what happened to quality products that last for many years??). I'm not sure how progress is going on our Costco up here, but I heard they're supposed to be putting another one in down in New South Wales near where we lived previously! They must be doing okay in Australia, to be planning another one there!

    1. Oh - and yes, Dan uses towels to "flick" with as well. One of my least favourite uses of our towels. o.O

    2. Boys can't help themselves can they!!

    3. I will let you know how they go quality wise, I do hope they last a few years at least. Quality is much poorer these days, do you thinks because everything is mass produced in China?

    4. Probably... There is such a huge demand, and because of greed people are much more interested in quantity rather than quality. Which is really sad - pride of workmanship often seems to be a thing of the past (at least industrially and commercially - you see better quality and more pride in handmade goods still, I think).

  3. Hello, I laughed over the flicking the towel comment :)
    I believe you are right, as having nice new towels to make me feel happy. As they can get so ragged looking.
    The first thing I do every morning is start my tea water, and replace my used dish towels with clean ones!
    I just started crocheting a new dishcloth yeaterday.
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. I like to have a nice looking tea-towel hanging in the kitchen, I know its not a big deal but it just makes the kitchen look nice! Considering how much they are used and how easy they are to wash, I agree with the daily change.

      I can't crochet, but I do want to knit some myself as I find they are far better than the disposable ones you buy.



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