Art Friday: all things cute

A little child shall lead them by Ken Helser 
I think some of you might have thought I had lost my mind with last week's painting - I didn't like the painting either and know a few others didn't. However, it is good to give you variety even if it isn't always to your taste!!

To make up for "that" very expensive painting, this week I have gone for  "all things sugary and sweet"!! However I know not everyone will like these - I can't please you all, all the time!!! And the good thing about these sugary sweet choices is they don't add any calories to your waist line!!  Enjoy!

by Sue Lynn Cotton
by Ken Helser
Free by Mark Keightley
by Jessie Wilcox Smith
This is one of my favourites - this is very sweet. 
This one is Japanese - don't know the artist
Brunette girl (from Etsy page)
Did you think we could have "cute and sweet" without a cat appearing!!
It really isn't hard to find sweet shots - isn't this one lovely.
This one is packed with sugary sweetness!
This one is adorable and by Laurel Cagan (Etsy)
Ok, this is SO sweet!!
And I will end on this very sweet shot of dad and his twins "Water babies" by Mark Shasha


  1. Very, very cute, Jo. :) I enjoyed these!

  2. Oh these are just adorable! I love the kiddie ones as much as the cat one lol

    1. They are very sweet. Have a lovely weekend:))

  3. Absolutely delightful! Love 'free' the best!


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