Art Friday: Cute cat

Ok, this is pushing the whole art friday thing, but this kitty is SO cute and I had to share it with other like minded "cat" people.  If you don't like cats or kittens, don't read any further (don't even peek at the link) - but if you are like me and your heart melts when you see cute photos of cuddly cats and fluffy kittens, check out this link. 

This kitten is ADORABLE.
Her name is Daisy. 

Now that your heart has melted and you want to take Daisy home, check out this link - Daisy is a little older and still gorgeous.  Ok, I am a little crazy about my cats and yes, I am one of those mad "cat-ladies" who talk to their cats, but why wouldn't you with a cat that looks this beautiful.

Ok, I won't bore you with any more cute cat links - anyway this is my blog and I can post pictures gorgeous cats as much as I like!!!!


  1. But I like cats....& these are adorable. One can never have too many cats. ☺ And of course one must talk to the cat. He gets stroppy if I don't answer him.

  2. Thank you! We are cat lovers too. :-) My husband is a cat magnate. LOL :-) He really does attract cats - sometimes in odd places. This kitten was really cute, and she's a beautiful adult cat too! Our cat is such a grumpy cat we really should have had one to go with her so she wouldn't think she should be the only animal on the property.

  3. Kittens are VERY cute! Love the first 4 pics. :)

    1. I wonder how hard it was to create the milk bowl photo!

    2. I can only imagine how many tries it took! It's a very clever photo! :)


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