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Dear blogging friends,

I have finally finished my very first little girls dress. No, I have never made one before and for that reason I decided to set myself the challenge and make one.  I perhaps could have selected an easier pattern, but life isn't mean't to be easy!! and nor are my challenges.

It isn't perfect (far from it) and I have lots to improve but I am quite pleased with the end result nevertheless.  It might have been better if the machine I started making this dress on didn't play up so badly. But with my new baby it did make sewing so much less stressful.

Each time I sew something I like to learn something new, this time it was all about add lace to the hemline and creating a neat finish.  I found a very useful tutorial that I followed and now I feel quite confident in doing this again, perhaps on one of my outfits, just need to find some gorgeous vintage lace.

Simplicity pattern: 2377
I also need to learn to sew straight!!

The next project will be a summer skirt for me in this lovely Japanese Lawn - if you are unfamiliar with lawn, it is a very soft (lightweight) cotton, very smooth to touch and has a high thread count. And here is some trivial - the word "lawn" comes from the French "Laon", a city in France, which produced large quantities of linen lawn.  It is a pricy fabric, however I picked some up in January this year when it was on sale. I plan to buy more when the next sale comes around!

Simplicity pattern: 3881
Planning to make A, not making the belt though.


  1. That little girl's dress looks great! Excellent job! I would never have tried such a project, so I am proud of you for taking on the challenge =))

    1. I will put it in the post tomorrow . All you will need to do is check the elastic, stitch together and close up the gap. Do hope she likes it:))

  2. That way of doing the lace is so much better than I have done with that kind of lace - never thought to look online for ideas for ways to finish it before! Tucking it under is brilliant. :)
    The dress is very beautiful!! Good on you for tackling something you knew would be challenging! :)
    The skirt fabric and pattern looks great - will look forward to seeing how it turns out!

    1. I tested the method first to see if it worked and it did and I was really pleased at the neat back of the hem but how crisp the lace sat at the bottom of the dress. I google everything these days, its a great way of learning!!

      The next thing to tackle is putting in a really good zip as my zip are usually very ordinary!!

  3. Great job again Jo. The little girls dress is delightful. Will you be running some of these up to sell?

    1. No, this little dress is for my cousin's little girl. I am happy to make them for her as she won't mind me learning on her and in the process she gets some little dresses!!! Hopefully by the time I have mastered children's clothes I will have some grandchildren to sew for!!!

  4. Beautiful job :-)
    I love sewing children's clothes - so much quicker and easier than adults!!!!!
    I have that skirt pattern!

    1. Have you made that skirt yet?

    2. Yes I have made the pattern!! I used design C.
      My mother LOVES the pattern - for me it just doesn't suit my body type.
      I never bothered to adjust it though. It was a little too low for me, I mean the layered part - I would of liked it better to sit just above the knee instead of on the knee - could just be that I'm a total shortie!!!!
      You've inspired me now to try again!

    3. That is really good to know, I alter my patterns to the way I like them so I will take that info into account when i cut out the pattern. Just noticed that A and C are the same pattern - so I will show you the finished item.

  5. Hello, Just loved the little quote on top of your blog post! I tried to comment yesterday but our internet was not working very well. I am going to go look at a new computer today, I think my keyboard is wearing out.
    May you have a wonderful day!
    Your little girls dress is so sweet, do you have a little one to give it to?
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Thankyou - the little dress is for my cousin's daughter, so I hope she likes it.

  6. The dress is really cute! I love strawberries. :-) The lawn is beautiful.


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