The new baby

After struggling with a machine that had all sorts of tension problems I decided it was time to upgrade and buy a new sewing machine. I was going to wait to the new year, but with two half finished projects that I couldn't finish I decided not to wait. And it was a good thing I didn't as the day I went to Janome I discovered they had just started their "Christmas Sale".  As a result I saved $200, not bad, I was impressed.

It took me a little bit of time to get get use to the new functions, but now I am sailing quite nicely!!  Back to sewing my white skirt and this cute little dress. Whilst the new machine is great - I am still driving and need a lot more practice. The zip in the white skirt isn't great and I can't blame the machine for that. Hopefully no one is rude enough to look that closely at my zip. If they do, they are very rude (and too close to my bottom)!!  

This machine can do automatic button holes which I think is very exciting and now I can finally make shirts with buttonholes, something I would have never attempted on the old machine. It also can be operated by a button (no need to use the peddle, which I find very handy) and it comes with snippers! 

So, you can see what I will be doing in my spare time - sewing (and teaching myself lots of new things).  I never liked sewing previously as I had to always put my sewing machine away at the end of the day. Now I leave it out and can sew whenever I want, 1/2 hour here and a 1/2 hour there - its great. What a pity my children are all grown up, but I am ready for the grandchildren when they arrive!!

Better stop chatting, I have a dress to make - back to my sewing machine!

PS and I mustn't forget to take out the dark chocolate cheesecake that is cooling in the oven (can you smell it!! - its smells wonderful). 


  1. Oh My, I may be a wee bit jealous.... And what a sweet BABY she is. I have been thinking about a new machine, but we had the old girl tuned up. And the cheesecake sounds pretty yummy too!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. I hope I can now produce some wonders with this baby!! I went to bed last night with my sewing book to learn more about putting in concealed zips! Hopefully the next zip will be much improved :))

      The cheesecake is for a morning tea tomorrow, those who will be eating it are all looking forward to it so I hope it lives up to expectations.


      have a lovely day.

  2. What fun!! I can totally relate to you wanting to sew a lot with your new machine - new sewing machines are very inspiring!! It looks like a great machine, too!

    Mmm... Chocolate cheesecake. Good thing I already have guilt-free brownies in the fridge to eat tomorrow, otherwise I might have felt compelled to make a cheesecake tomorrow!! ;)

    1. I took the cheesecake to work on Friday and came home with none - it went down a treat!!

  3. Wow that's awesome! Congrats! I hope it brings you hours and hours of sewing pleasure!
    Love the range of stitches & the automatic button hole function!!! No matter how many times I measure the pins for my buttonholes they are never even hahaha!

    1. I never did button holes as I knew I would stuff them up (too big/too small), now (after some practicing) I will finally be able to do buttonholes!!

    2. Enjoy your buttonhol-ing!!!! ;-) I will be very jealous!


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