What I wore this week: Autumn colours

I've really haven't ever talked about the clothes I wear or shared an outfit that I have wore - its about time!!  Firstly I love clothes, I won't pretend I don't. I have far too much and fill more than one wardrobe.  I buy from many different places, some expensive, some from the charity store and everything in between plus I make my own!

Yes, I tend to only wear skirts or dresses - I am a girly girl and love to look feminine.  I love bright colours but do wear black quite a bit too, it goes great with red. The length of my skirts vary, from long (to the ankle) up to the knee and everything in between.

This outfit is a real bargain. The skirt was $5 from the charity store, the tee was $19.00 and the cardigan was $9!! However the cardigan was originally $59, but with a $20 voucher (which the online store sent me for my birthday) plus a mark-down I got a bargain!! This is the sort of outfit I wear to work every day.
These aren't the worlds best photos, difficult when using an iPhone in front of a mirror moments before rushing off to work - but I think you will get the idea!!
I love wearing necklaces and they can  turn an ordinary outfit into something a little more special. Many of my necklaces come from eBay so they aren't very expensive. This one I have had for many years and in fact its from Avon!
Someone remarked that I looked like "autumn" in this outfit! No one every comments at work about me wearing skirts, its just assumed that I do.  
The skirt is so comfortable, drip dries and never needs ironing - my sort of outfit!!


  1. I must admit that I'm a bit of a clothes lover too! And do the same, buy from everywhere. I love the cardi, beautiful colour, beautiful style.
    Got to love getting a bargain! :-)
    Lovely outfit

    1. I just happy buying something new and expensive to visiting an op shop and finding some great bargains:))

  2. Very nice outfit - love the skirt, love the colours. I don't buy many clothes - I have lots of clothes, but most of them I either bought a decade ago (yeah, I know - pretty pathetic to still be wearing 10-year-old clothes), or else they were given to me secondhand (I wear everyone else's clothes), or I have made them myself. I do buy a few things every now and then, but probably an average of not more than $50 per year (some years I don't buy any clothes at all!). I just feel guilty about buying clothes for myself! I do love dreaming about sewing clothes for myself, and every now and then I make something. One day I'll have to go through my wardrobe and get rid of all the old stuff (it IS starting to look old/worn) and sew myself more new things. :) Just this week I did buy myself 3 new t-shirts - the first clothes I've bought for myself in a very, very long time - t-shirts don't last forever as they do change shape after awhile!!

    1. Now I feel guilty about the amount I spend/own!! Nothing wrong with 10-year-old clothing, at least you know they were made really well. You should make yourself more, perhaps decide on making 4 new things a year -set a target - mum's need new clothes just as much as their children:)) and I am sure your DH would love to see a new outfit you made yourself. I've been sewing skirts for myself as a way of improving my skills, not that I really need any more skirts at all.

    2. Don't feel guilty - your situation is different from mine, and your personality is different from mine!! :D We're all so different, and I didn't write that comment to make you feel bad. I was just contemplating my clothing and feelings about it!
      You're right, I need to set myself a goal of making a certain amount of new things - and yes, Dan would enjoy seeing me make things for myself. :) He's the reason I bought new t-shirts; he decided it was time I had some new ones!!!

    3. Look forward to seeing your first new outfit - maybe something for summer!!

      I am disgruntled with t-shirts, they just don't seem to last very well. I went and bought some more expensive ones to see if they are any better - slightly but not as good as they should be considering the price. If only they made them to last and not stretch out of shape. The other problem with t-shirts is the length - too long or too short which is also annoying!!! If only I could make the perfect T, that would be so good.

      I buy a lot of my clothes at the end of the season when the prices have 1/2 and I can pick up some really good bargains. Often I don't get to wear them until the next year but that is ok!!

    4. I'd like to learn to make t-shirts... in my spare time. ;)

  3. Hello, I also just love clothes, I like style, but not too tight or scratchy feeling makes us want to scream LOL
    I think you look very stylish and comfortable, just our style to look soft and ladylike!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. I love feminine clothing that looks ladylike. One of the reasons why I don't generally wear trousers. I prefer soft fabric too, nothing scratchy either!!!! I also like fabrics that don't crease badly as I'm not a fan of ironing !!!

  4. You look beautiful in that outfit-- it looks totally comfy and stylish-- that's my favorite skirt length-- the colors really do say Autumn:)

    1. Thankyou so much:))))) I love comfort and style and sometimes it is hard to get the combination. Nothing worse than spending the entire looking good but uncomfortable!!!


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