Art Friday: Caras Lonut

Art Friday: Caras Lonut

Romanian Digital artist

There is simply too many that I like to share them all with you - here are just a few of the magical surreal pieces of art work using the camera and computer. Enjoy.

This one and the one below are so beautiful and touching. 

To see more, check out this link - many more wonderful photos.


  1. Wonderful. I really like the first one! ☺ Have a great weekend.

    1. May you have a wonderful weekend too - its very hot here, so just keeping cool:)

  2. I like the little girl on the swing, but the rainy ones and the ones that are grey tones kind of make me feel sad for some reason.

    1. Yes, the little girl is lovely. whilst the grey tone ones make me sad, I still think they are very touching and beautiful.

  3. The grey tones made me go back in my memory to Romania! Not that the country was all depressing, but there was a kind of live and get on with it attitude, no effort made to enhance what there was or try to improve life. It was sad to see tourist spots horribly littered in a way we do not see here in Australia, no care for the natural beauty... I enjoyed my visit to the country but it was sad to see that...

    1. Those bleak photos are what I would imagine parts of Europe to be like during the depth of winter.


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