At this moment

Down by the seaside in summer
Outside my window

Outside my study window is a lush green garden where the birds like to play, it is one of our favourite places to sit.  (Ruby loves looking out of the window and watch them)

I am thankful for

Having a son who rings me during the week just to say hi. 

I am wearing

Demin skirt and blue t-shirt, bare feet.

From the kitchen

I bought some coconut sugar which I haven't tried before - it tastes like raw/brown sugar. I was impressed with the taste. I am not sure how much healthier it is compared to cane sugar, but it appears to contain more nutrients. I will give it a try in something.

I am learning

Learning not to panic and stress when news is bad . . . there is rarely an issue that can not be handled or resolved when one turns to the Lord. Trying to teach my son the same thing, a little harder with a 21 year old - it all looks bleak and unmanageable. 

I am reading

I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai and Christine Lamb

Malala is such an inspiring young woman and I can see her going on to do great things as she gets older. I am in complete agreement with her in regards to education for all girls as it makes such a differences to the lives of girls in developing countries if they are educated - it empowers them.  And I am so impressed by her father for standing up for his daughter and fighting the fight for girls eduction.

"I raise up my voice - not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard" (Malala)

Around the house

Looking quite neat and tidy at the moment.  DH has been busy cleaning the gutters as they were full of leaves and seeds from the Gum Tree.

Some of my favourite things

A quiet cup of tea after a busy day reading a book.

A trip to the library to pick up a pile of books to read over Christmas.

Honey on toast.

Curled up in my favourite chair reading.

Listening to beautiful classical music (as I am currently)

A quote to share

Keep in touch with your parents. Do not believe that to them "no news is good news". Write or call them, even if it is only to say "I love you". These messages will be like jewels, and the tears that fall fondly over them will be treasures to you.

from The golden Gems of Life by Ferguson and Allen.

As a parent of adult children, having my children make regular contact is very important - and "no news is good news" isn't always true.

A few plans for the rest of the month

  • Finish off the Christmas shopping, not much left, just a few little things that add some fun to opening up gifts. Did some this morning and spent some time wrapping. I have quite a pile of gifts in my study.
  • Finish off the Christmas cards, a job I find unexciting and one I leave until the last minute. Even though I have culled the list, I still do around 20 cards.
  • Organise Christmas lunch, which will include a baked ham (still need to buy), salad and some vegetarian options + a dessert of some description. For diner DH and I will have turkey and roast vegetables. 
  • Sewing and more sewing and perhaps a trip to Spotlight to buy some more fabric!

and I am sure there is plenty more that I need to do. . . 

A picture to share

A old water tank I found on one of my walks. Not glamour or showy in any way but full of character.



  1. What a great daybook! I'm so glad to see you do one. I just bought some coconut sugar. I wonder if it is the same brand. I don't think it is sweet at all and has a strange smell. But maybe I just need to keep with it to get rid of my super sweet tooth.

    1. Laura, as soon as I read your comments I went and sniffed my coconut sugar and it certainly doesn't have a strange smell - it reminded me of caramel lollies - its a really pleasant smell:))

      It isn't quite as sweet as sugar but the taste is a slightly milder taste of raw sugar. Mine is made in Sri Lanka and the brand is "Organic Foods". When I check to see how much I would need in a recipe to replace sugar it was 1:1.

      Yes, I decided to do a daybook after reading yours:))

      Have a lovely weekend.

      Off sewing. . . :)

  2. I love this post! A quick catch up on what is going on in general 'life'.

  3. This was fun, Jo! :)
    I love the taste of coconut sugar - it tastes almost like caramel. One thing I was going to say is that if you're someone who likes a lot of sugary foods, you wouldn't really find coconut sugar that tasty... But to someone like you and I who have cut sugar out of our diets, it would taste more sweet. I've found that the more I cut out sugar (i) the less I want sweet things, and (ii) the more sensitive I am to sweet things - meaning that I can taste the sweetness of things much sooner than someone who eats sugar.

    1. On Sunday I felt like a muffin so I got one out of the freezer, defrosted it and ate a bit. I managed half before I tossed it into the bin. I didn't really like it at all . Like you say, the more sugar you remove the less you want to eat. I rarely have any desire to eat lollies or chocolate these days and when I do, I find them very sweet. DH is using the coconut sugar in his tea and coffee and liking it.

    2. Before cutting out sugar, I read about people saying that sugar is addictive and I never really believed it.... But now that we cut sugar out, I believe it. Once you get over sugar, you really don't want it anymore. You're happy to get your sweetness from fruit or honey or dried fruit or something that has very little sweetness in it. :) It's great, and I'm so glad we did away with sugar in our diet.

  4. Such a beautiful post-- I love the day book theme. I'm so jealous that it's summer there--- it's so gray here. The photo of the water tower is magnificent--

    Merry Christmas dear Jo--


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