Chivalry isn't dead at the supermarket

I was waiting in line at the supermarket this morning when the gentleman in front of me (who was carrying just one item) suggested I move in front of him (I had six items).

I said "no, that's ok, you have only one item".

He replied "no, you go first, I want to set a good example to my sons".

I thanked him and moved in front. 

He said that it was important to demonstrate to his son (who were toddlers) how to treat people and that chivalry wasn't dead. 

It was a lovely few moments because rarely does a parent say that sort of thing public and it isn't often that one sees acts of kindness and manners in public any more. 

I found the supermarket much busier (and noisier) today as people commence their Christmas purchases. Its this time of the year that you often see the best or the worse in people.  Its also the time when people go a little crazy in their attempt to get everything done before the 25th. Sadly I think you see the worse in people far more than the very best.

Making it even more unpleasant -  the supermarket gets very "crowded" as more and more products are filling up the aisles making it more difficult to get around!!  How are you finding the supermarket at the moment.
I just love these 1950 grocery shopping shots and particularly want to draw your attention to the one below!!  What will you wear on your next trip to the supermarket?   None of these people look frazzled!!

Happy shopping ladies!


  1. Yes, the shopping experience has changed. With decorations and such hanging around from late November one does get rather sick of it all. I have none of the so called Christmas spirit, so find it all too much!

    1. When I am in a hurry, the last thing I want to do is dodge stacks of items that are completely in my way. It must be harder with a stroller. Fortunately my local Woolies has just been renovated + extended and very spacious with large aisles with great lighting so I think I will use this one even if it isn't as supersize as the other ones are!!

  2. We didn't have supermarkets like you showed, in the 50's
    I had to go to a small grocery shop, with my sister, to do the shopping for mum.Our older brother would come later and pick the groceries up...We got supermarkets around the early 60's mark...I well remember one opening, I had to catch a bus and couldn't get too many "Opening specials" as I had to catch the bus back again....I enjoy it now though! It's a day out for me!

    1. As a child of the 1960s I can only remember the supermarket - however in saying that, I lived in the country and we didn't have supermarkets like they did in the city, ours was tiny in comparison! I can imagine your excitement!

  3. When I went shopping earlier this week, it really wasn't bad at all - they had one section (which was apart from the rest) that had a lot of Christmas stuff in it, but the rest of the store was the same as usual - thankfully. Also, because we have 3 Woolies within about 2.7km, we really don't have too much trouble with long lines or with it being horribly busy. The one we go to is the newest and nicest one and I've never seen it as busy as ones in cities or shopping centres. I wonder how busy it will be around the public holidays? (It only opened in about April this year, so we've yet to see how it handles the big public holiday traffic)...
    Love the clothing worn for shopping in your pics, Jo - people these days have gone to the extreme and half the time you wonder whether some of them are wearing their pyjamas or what...! :P

    1. Clara, I know what you mean! I was thinking that bottom picture was a very attractive looking couple and mostly when I see couples shopping together they look more or less sloppy. It's been a long time since I've seen a couple that looked that nice in a supermarket. I've seen a few ladies that looked really nice, though.

    2. I doubt you even see people dressed like the last picture in church these days. People seem to dress quite casually most of the time. And now that it is summer the dress code slips even further (at least in winter people are rugged up more when they are out). I always change my clothes if I am going to the shopping centre, but not always to the local supermarket 5 mins away (but no, I don't go in my PJs or the like!!!).

    3. Yes, I always change my clothes when I go out, too, Jo. Always.


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