Christmas baking

Look at what my son made this evening - Stollen - and it tastes gorgeous. 

He raced around to our place with one of the Stollen he made and left his wife and her uncle to eat the other one!!  I have so much I have plenty to take to work with me tomorrow and share with my colleagues.  I am sure they will also love it. 

My eldest son has been trying out German Christmas cooking over the weekend and so far he has done a marvellous job.  This is why you should teach boys to cook as they make excellent cooks as adults. 

Yesterday he made a big batch of Pfeffernusse which were better than the bought varieties I have eaten.

I just love tasting his cooking!!! Now I am off for some more Stollen with my cup of tea. 


  1. Wow. That looks fabulous. Merry Christmas, Jo. xxx

  2. Lovely! Merry Christmas! Thanks for always "being there".
    You are a great blog friend.

    1. Thanks so much Laura:))) Whilst there is such a big distances, words can still be shared that closes the gap. I pray that you and the children had a lovely Christmas together.

  3. Yum!! :) You're making me hungry!
    Homemade is always better than store-bought. :)

    1. Homemade is always best and when made by someone special who put his love into his creations its even better!!


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