Getting out of the house

When my children were growing up, one of the things we enjoyed doing was going on outings - we loved exploring. Not just to the local shopping centre/grocery store for the mundane, but out and about to art galleries, museums, to the park, botanical gardens, theatre/ballet, the zoo and to the coffee shop/cafe.  Some of these were free to visit and therefore an inexpensive outing whilst others were a little more expensive (e.g. when we went to the zoo or ballet). Even from an early age my sons and I often went and had "coffee and cake" together, it was a treat they always enjoyed and still do today. 

I think it is important to get out and about and not remain at home all the time - not just for the children, but for yourself as well. Whilst home may feel like a refuge from the world, a safe place to remain from all the nasties - it isn't healthy to remain "at home" all the time.  Children (and mums) do need to get out and interact with others and I don't just mean the weekly trip to the local supermarket or to church on Sundays. 

Whilst there is nothing wrong with being at home and loving being at home, it shouldn't become your shell to retreat into where you spend 7 days a week and rarely venture out unless you have too.  There is so much beyond your four walls that are worth exploring. 

Even going for a long walk is a great idea to just get out of the house and it is also a great way to get to know your neighbourhood and even your neighbours. You might be surprised at who and what your find. Take you camera with you as suburb photography is very interesting.  I often do and come back with some really interesting photos. 

I partly joined a book-club for this reason - to get out, make new friends, have some enjoyable clean fun (we laugh a lot) plus enjoy a lovely meal whilst discussing a book. This might sound strange from someone who is "out" everyday when at work, but it is good to also meet new people (I can hear the introverts saying "no way") and interact outside of normal activities, whether that be home or work.  My mum joined the local craft group (where I think there was more talking than craft) and after retiring from teaching she joined "Meals on Wheels" as a way of "getting out of the home".  

Remember, you are human and need to enjoy life too - women give lots to their children and husbands, but they also need to enjoy life beyond their homes.


  1. Hello, Oh my you have had some very good post! I have been so busy, but I wanted to pop in and say hello!!
    Loved the bag you made for your Grandmother. And those pictures of the 50's ladies were really fun to see.
    I need a nap tonight, but it is almost bedtime. I must stay awake a wee bit longer! It has been very quiet in Blogs ville. Merry Christmas, and try to stay cool :)
    Blessings Always, Roxy


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