Its all about RED

I love red.

As you can see, many of my kitchen appliances are red.


  I love wearing red.

Red is such a cheerful happy colour, I find it hard to feel sad when wearing red.

Red is perfect on a cold winters day as it is such a warm colour.

However I read that red is an intimidating colour (empowering) and when worn to meetings it can mean "I am not likely to back down easily". Not sure if this is true as I often wear red in meetings and always wear it to interviews (I want to be remembered by the panel!).

Here are a few examples of red in my wardrobe.

Black always looks great with red and in either winter or summer I will match up a black skirt like these with a bright red top or cardigan. Even a red scarf can make a differences.
Black and red works every time.
One of my favourites, my Laura Ashley "poppy" skirt. 
A bargain I picked up from a charity store for $7. Its great to wear with a cami underneath and no ironing is required 
I have had this top for ages, another "no iron" top that I drip dry. It is great for travelling as it looks good no matter how its tossed in the suitcase. 

One of those tops that I like to wear on a hot summers day with a demin skirt. And yes, its a "no-iron" top (I avoid ironing whenever I can!)

Do you wear red?


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    1. Thanks for dropping by. Red is such a great colour.

  2. Lovely red wardrobe you have there. Red appliances are lovely & bright - they just don't suit our blue kitchen hehehe!~

    1. I have blue benches in my kitchen and for red appliances so they stood out!!

  3. My favourite colour is green I love ironing too! I used to iron table clothes for a restaurant...12 or more at a time...then for our church when they had a spcial occasion! Love it....I get it when it'sall crumpled up and it looks so beautiful when it's all ironed nice and smooth!

    1. I never liked ironing as a child when my mother got me to iron and I still don't like it. I only iron when I need something to wear and I like to buy things that don't need ironing!!

      I quite like green but generally the brighter "happier" green rather than the dark green.

  4. LOVE red - red bathroom walls, red decorations, red clothes.... I didn't always like red so much, but these days I love a rich red.
    Actually, I love all rich colours these days, not just red... But to choose between a rich red and other rich colours, although a difficult decision, I often go for the red at this point in my life.
    Not a huge fan of iron either, and I avoid it when I can. When I do need to iron, I work to make it look really nice and crisp and can see the satisfaction in that.

    1. I find bright colours cheer up the day and that's always good:))). I use to wear pastels but rarely do these days , need that lift:)


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