What do you eat for breakfast?

Mondays to Fridays I eat porridge with a cup of Jasmine tea.

Nothing fancy - 1/2 cup rolled oats (I don't use the quick oats) and 3/4 cup of full cream milk. No sugar or honey, not even cinnamon. It keeps me full all the way to lunch time.  I cook the porridge in the microwave so its very very simple but very healthy. 

As a child I didn't like porridge very much partly because I ate it so slowly that it when thick and cold and that is the worse way to eat porridge. 

My grandfather was a Scotsman and he ate porridge all his life and I think one of my brothers also eats porridge. 

On Saturdays and Sundays I eat toast (2 slices) with a cup of Jasmine tea in bed with a book! 

At the moment I am enjoying honey on my toast, but sometimes it is one of my homemade jams (strawberry or mixed berry are my favourites). 

When my sons were little I would make them pikelets on Sunday mornings.  But now that its just me who likes pikelets (my husband doesn't eat breakfast) I no longer make them - seems silly to make them for one.  I only eat pikelets or pancakes if I go out for breakfast. 

Christmas morning is the only morning of the year that I ever eat anything different and bad.  I love coco-pops but never eat them unless it is Christmas morning. It was the only time I let my children eat them. It was our treat!!

As for hot breakfasts - I am not a hot breakfast type of girl. 

Nothing worse than the smell of bacon in the morning, or eggs or anything savoury.

What do you eat for breakfast?

I do have to ask my American readers - what is "Breakfast Casserole" and do you really eat it at breakfast time?  My apologies but I couldn't think of anything worse first thing in the morning!


  1. I can't stand porridge. I didn't enjoy it as a child, and I don't eat it now.
    I prefer something savoury for breakfast - in fact, I pretty much prefer to eat something savoury at any meal or time of the day. If I try to eat something too sweet for breakfast, it can make my stomach turn and I have to either stop eating it or expect it to start "returning" from me. :( Sometimes I don't mind a little sweet food, but I like to have it with something savoury.
    I like eating a pancake for breakfast sometimes - I like it with maple syrup, but I will have some salted nuts on the side, or a few cherry tomatoes or something that is not overly sweet.
    I think one of my favourite breakfasts growing up was weetbix with butter and vegemite. I still like eating vegemite for breakfast now - usually on toast though.

    1. I never liked porridge as a child, partly because I use to take so long to eat it, it when cold and thick. Now I cook it and eat so its still got texture and I can taste the oats. I add no sugar so mine isn't sweet at all. I don't like overly sweet breakfasts which is why I avoid the commercial options.

      I am the opposite to you - I can't stomach savoury at all in the morning which is why I never eat bacon and eggs of breakfast.

      My brothers use to come home from school and eat weetbix with butter and vegemite as their afternoon snack. I did it occasionally but found it really clogged up the mouth!!

  2. Hello, I liked this post! Porridge sounds so sweet, but I guess if it's oats I eat them very often. But I love Cream of Wheat or some call it Farina. A breakfast casserole I make is very rich, it has potatoes and eggs and cheese and maybe some sausage. It really can be eaten anytime. I usually have some yogurt with some fruit.
    But I thought it was really special that you eat Cocoa Puffs on Christmas. It made me smile:)
    Blessings Always, Roxy

    1. I find porridge really fills me up in the morning and I don't need to have any snacks until I have my lunch at 12:30. It is such a filling and healthy meal .

      Your breakfast casserole sounds like something we might eat for lunch or dinner - a little like a frittata.

      I do love cocoa pops but now that I am watching my weight and sugar consumption I will probably give them a miss this year!

  3. Juice & coffee. The thought of food first thing in the morning is revolting. I'm not hungry till at least mid~morning & often later & I only eat if I'm hungry.

    1. I can't drink juice in the morning, just too cold and too something!! We are all very different:))

  4. I don't usually eat my breakfast very early. I usually eat an egg and something - yogurt with oats and sweetening of some sort and maybe some fruit, homemade muesli, leftover vegetables (usually warmed with the egg), granola, a biscuit (American style, more like a scone), etc. Seldom do I eat toast any more. Sometimes I eat fresh fruit earlier in the morning if I'm hungry but not ready to make breakfast.

    One morning on most weekends we have a family brunch. That usually involves a lost more food and is sometimes the main meal of the day for my husband and I. We make a wide variety of things for this and each household contributes something so that each cook only has to prepare one or two things. There are usually eggs, some type of meat, coffee and a "carb" (pancakes, waffles, hot cereal, muffins, biscuits, or French toast). Sometimes, though, we have egg burritos which is also a favorite.

    The other weekend or holiday mornings I usually make my husband and myself a much more modest breakfast similar to my weekday ones, occasionally including bacon. Unless it's Sunday. On Sundays my husband cooks breakfast whether it's the family brunch or just the two of us. He's gotten quite handy at it too. :-) He insisted on doing this not long after we got married.

    1. A cook breakfast is the one think I can't face (unless it is pancakes), the idea of savoury in the morning just makes my stomach turn:))) But I do enjoy a good brunch.


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