What a friend we have in Jesus

Photography by Joluise

What a friend we have in Jesus
By Joseph Scrivan (1820-1886)

What a friend we have in Jesus,
all our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry
everything to God in prayer!
O what peace we often forfeit,
O what needless pain we bear,
all because we do not carry
everything to God in prayer.

Have we trials and temptations?
Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged;
take it to the Lord in prayer.
Can we find a friend so faithful
who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness;
take it to the Lord in prayer.

Are we weak and heavy laden,
cumbered with a load of care?
Precious Savior, still our refuge;
take it to the Lord in prayer.
Do thy friends despise, forsake thee?
Take it to the Lord in prayer!
In his arms he'll take and shield thee;
thou wilt find a solace there.

Some days can be really tough and I wonder how I will ever get through them.  Some problems seem just too big for me to handle and I feel like I am drowning, but a hymn like this quickly brings it all back into perspective.  What a comfort to know that our Precious Saviour is our refuge and His arms are a place of solace when life gets too difficult.  I read this hymn and find such comfort in the words - I do feel weak and heavy laden but as soon as that feeling arrives I look heavenward and pray and I find bring relief and comfort. 

As I go through this week, the problems will still be there (the Lord doesn't removed them to make our lives easier) but I know that the Lord only gives me what I can handle (sometimes I do wonder about this and have a little conversation with God, but He keeps reassuring me that I can manage my load!) and He provides the strength to get through the week.  

For all of you with heavy loads and tired feet, I completely understand and currently walking that same journey. When things look bleak - look heavenward and know that you are NEVER alone. 

Come unto me, all ye that labour 
and are heavy laden and I will give you rest

Matthew 11:28


  1. So true, Jo - but yes, sometimes you wonder how the Lord could ever think you could handle more... but amazingly He's always right, and one way or another we seem to get through it. Thank you for the reminder, Jo. Praying your week isn't too burdened. xx

    1. When children grow up a parent thinks their worries will decline - they do with some children but others make a mother worry and try to carry their burdens for them:)) It is a sign of a mothers love I suppose:))

      He is always right which is why I get cross with myself for doubting and having those "conversations"

  2. I love the picture Jo- I think those "conversations" is what makes our confidence in the truth so solid. He reassures us! Don't get cross for doubting. Be happy He reaffirms the truth in you. I have learned I can't know that He is my strength, until I am weak...weak enough I can't do it on my own or take any credit. I turn to Him and YEP! There He is, Able, Willing, and Strong Enough.


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