Why do you want to loose weight?

After re-reading my post from yesterday I realised I had missed one fundamental point: 

Why do you want to loose weight?

Is it because you want to look thin and gorgeous and dress in amazing outfits


is it for health reasons


are you being pressured by others?

The reason is very important.

I lost weight for two reasons;  my health and my age. I had reached "that age" where loosing weight becomes very difficult and I didn't want to battle weight issues as I got older.  With weight gain comes additional heath problems such as diabetics, blood pressure and the like. Very important reasons for loosing weight as my doctor informed me only the other day.

However, there was a negative side and one that I didn't really expect - pride and boastfulness. I was tickled pink by my weight loss and my "new look" and out of necessity I went and bought a new wardrobe of clothes.  Nothing I owned fitted me anymore. 

I think you can guess where I am heading -  once thinner and in new clothes - I felt fabulous (which is fine), but I began taking far more time with my clothing and becoming preoccupied with my appearance.  But my outer garments and the way I look is not what impresses God, whilst dressing nicely is not sinful, it becomes a problem when it is more important than where our hearts are in reference to God.  So to any Christian woman loosing weight, remember that even when you have lost weight, don't get too absorbed in the "new you" otherwise it takes over and you become full of pride and to much thinking of "self", remember the verses in 2 Timothy 3 -- For men shall be lovers of their own themselves . . . . lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God (verses 2 and 4).  We need to be lovers of God and not of our outer appearance. 

Whilst it is good to look good, God doesn't want us to be supermodels. Its wonderful to look good for our husbands and my husband loves the new me. But we don't need to looks like a supermodel for anyone else, it can attract unwanted attention (perhaps not at my age) that you don't want.  Something else to remember when loosing weight.  

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, gold, or pearls, or costly array. 

(1 Timothy 2:9)


  1. Some people think that being a Christian is easy. But really, it is hard! Anything can become more time-consuming than God - and that is a sin - as it takes the place He should have in our lives. We have to be always on our guard, constantly checking our attitudes and motives.
    Thanks for your post, it was another reminder. =)

    1. Being a Christian is a lifetime of dedication and study and it isn't easy. I slip up regularly and as you say, its so important to remain on guard and keeping checking our attitude and motives.

  2. Agree, it is tough, even as a male, not to be proud of a weight loss achievement. However, to lose weight, one must be disciplined, and it is a good thing to learn, as I find the same principles can be applied to all aspects of life including prayer, scripture reading, meditation and study, time with God - all these are disciplines that are hard to maintain, as eating less is hard to maintain if the hunger mechanism is damaged as a consequence of the sin of over-eating. (Interesting that so many sins can be overcome, yet the consequences will remain as a reminder of where we have been and who we have to thank for the change) The Bible notes that one should put a knife to ones throat, I think because God is acutely aware of the damage obesity does to His created being. I find God corrects my prideful thinking by the scales suddenly showing an extra 2 kilograms, bringing me back to reality that a discipline does not happen without His help, and He wants all of my life to be disciplined, not just eating, so I have a constant reminder - its not just food, it is my spiritual life as well. So one is constantly on guard, and in itself standing on scales each day helps with the guarding, for you read the scales, thank God for the change, and use the action as a reminder of all the other disciplines, including prayer to overcome the excesses the world has as its temptations of life that we are not disciplined about.
    Bottom line - if you need to diet - and anyone overweight should diet - Scripture is there for it, then have it as part of one's Spiritual discipline list, sin is sin and to overcome we must be disciplined, whether it be pride in being slim, or complacency in eating habits, or in prayer, in Scripture, and especially the discipline of honing our relationship with God.

    1. Discipline and self control (and hard work) are so important and you are spot on, dieting and watching one's weight (which is a life time commitment) requires so much of this, which is why so many people fall off the wagon so to speak and never return. Of course the weight loss companies don't teach self-control as it would mean higher success rates and people wouldn't need to constantly return for more help.

      Well said:))

  3. This is a very honest and down-to-earth post and I appreciate that, Jo. Self-discipline is one of the hardest things on earth, I think. To be in control of oneself is most difficult of all - and as is commented above, cannot be done alone, but must be done through the power of God. And motives for things are very important - especially with losing weight. If your motive isn't right, it just won't work out well at all.

    1. I don’t think self-control is taught to young people any more (at home or at school), they seem to do whatever they please and its resulting in all sorts of problems. Just thinking of all the alcohol problems at the moment in Sydney and the number of young people being “king hit” by drunk young men who don’t seem to have any self-control at all or see their actions as wrong. Their actions are resulting in deaths and tragic outcomes for families.


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