A simple woman's diary: January 2014

A mothers love knows no bounds (Two ragdoll cats) (Source)

Outside my window

A warm sunny day outside.

We have been blessed thus far with a very mild summer, cool nights and lovely warm (but not hot) days. We have even had some rain that has been very welcome

I am thankful for

Having God by my side 24/7.

The cooler summer temperatures have meant the house hasn't got as hot as it usually does at this time of year and  I am getting a good nights rest.

That my mother did not break any bones when she fell over on Christmas Eve, however her road to recovery will be painful nevertheless. 

I am wearing

A favourite blue and white cotton stripped skirt and a white t-shirt.

Bare feet as it is summer.

From the kitchen

Why hide away all the dry foods in the pantry when it can be on display and add character to a kitchen.  Here is my collection of "French roosters" as my husband likes to call them. They look quite smart all in a row holding the rice, pasta, sugar, lentils, chia and yes, my husband's stash of lollies. The red fruit bowl usually sits in the corner (I removed it for this photo), at present it is full to overflowing with chocolates given to us for Christmas!!

I am learning

To hold my tongue!

I am creating

I have been busy sewing, I find sewing (if it isn't complicated) quite relaxing and therapeutic.

I am reading

I have just finished reading 1 & 2 Timothy and I about to commence Titus.  I wonder if, knowing that our days were numbered (and in prison) would we send letters of encouragement to a friend, as Paul does to Timothy or would we be too worried about our own welfare.  Paul's advice to Timothy is very relevant for today with the world upside down and in such a mess - remain passionate for Christ, remain firm in sound doctrine and avoid ungodly behaviour and practices.  Stay focused on God.

And 1 Timothy has some very relevant and timely verses for both men and women. 

Around the house

The spring clean (or more correctly, the summer-clean) is now complete - over the last week I have gone through all the cupboards and reorganised, thrown away or sent to the charity bin  a bunch of stuff. Now it all looks so much better. Dear husband pulled out the fridge and cleaned behind it which was much needed.

In the garden

The beetroot is looking good, but with past failures, I am not holding my breath!!

Tomatoes need some hot weather (I don't), I have lots of green tomatoes that don't want to turn red.

Under the sofa

Dust! and probably a toy or two belonging to Ruby (cat).

Some of my favourite things

Ladybirds and butterflies

Softness of velvet

Smell of a summers evening

Mowed lawns

Black cats 

A quote to share

Trust ye in the Lord for ever; for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength (Isaiah 26: 4)

The year had hardly started when I found out how true this verse is, trusting in the Lord and leaning on his strength is paramount in getting through a crisis that you didn't expect. It removes the anxiety, the panic and stress (but it doesn't remove the tears and sadness). The Lord was so good to me and my family, I don't know what I would have done without Him.  It taught me a valuable lesson and one which I will hold tight forever.

A few plans for the rest of the month

I return to work on Monday (6th) which will keep me out of mischief until my next break in April.

I have cut back on a few things like my daily photography so I can focus on what is important, there is only so much a girl can fit into her day.

My eldest son has a birthday this month so will need to think of something to surprise him with.

Taking youngest son out for lunch and spending some time together. 

A picture to share

Sometimes we look at our problems upside down (and inside out) and it all seems such a muddle. Take the time to flip yourself over and it all becomes so much clearer.  Just taking the time to reorganise yourself is often enough time to calm down and look at the problem more logically. It also gives you the time to "call" God and ask for help. No problem is ever that big for Him. 

Did I mention that I love black cats!!  Source: Pinterest

And a message to my blogging friends:

Love hearing from you all and don't take life too seriously, find the time to laugh each day.



  1. Keeping you and yours in my prayers!


    1. You are both a dear cousins and friend:))))

  2. I'm also on that journey to leaning more on the Lord when things go up and things go down - He shouldn't only be who we turn to in bad times, but also when things are going well... Love the verse you posted, and the verse before in that chapter (as you know from FB).

    Keeping you in my prayers...

    I didn't know you got up to mischief when you were on holidays... ;) hehe! I hope work is nice to you today, not stressful! xx

    1. Haven't you noticed my mischief!!! Work has been quiet and certainly not stressful at the moment. One of our team members is about to have a baby (his wife) and we are all very excited!!

  3. This was an encouraging post. Whatever the trial was that you experienced, I hope and pray that you will continue to have strength about it.

    1. Thanks heaps - just helping our son get through a difficult patch.

  4. I used to have a black ragdoll cat! he was the sweetest natured cat I ever had!!!! Not catty at all lol

    1. I love Ragdoll cats and would love to have another (hubby says no!). Ruby is so gentle and sweet and follows me everywhere chatting away. I am never alone in the toilet for sure!!!


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