One extra hour in your day

If you had one extra hour in your day how would you use it?

This question was asked in the Huffington Post the other day and I thought it was interesting.

Here are the of the responses from a US survey:

Relax (36%)
Sleep (27%)
Time with friends and family (27%)
Exercise (24%)
Housework (20%)
Watch TV (19%)
Sex (15%)
Cook (12%)
Play music (10%)
Study (9%)
Home repairs (9%)
Office work (5%)
Something else (13%)
Not sure (11%)

What would I do - sleep, read, hobbies, go for a walk but it wouldn't include housework!!

More time with my husband and children.

I could sure do far more praying and bible reading. 

And you?

Perhaps the question should be - do I use the 24 hours I already have wisely?
I am sure there is a reason why God gave us 24 hours in a day and not 25 or 26 hours. 


  1. It is a good challenging question to be reminded of. May I utilise the time wisely. :)

    1. I try to :)) I think we all expect to fill our 24 hours to the top, but we aren't meant to, we should also have quiet relaxation time to recharge those batteries.

      Hope you haven't been getting too hot where you are.

  2. A good reminder to "redeem the time" - it wouldn't matter how many hours people think would make their day better, they would still feel the same about it really - the day would still feel too short or too long. It does happen every year that people in states where summer time changes happen get one less or one more hour, and it doesn't really make a difference to their life at all, when you think about it! I think people (the majority) will be discontent no matter how much time they have... because that is the nature of people, isn't it? But we don't have to be that way because we know God gave us the right amount of time, as you said. :)

    1. People are never happy with the time they have and even with an extra hour they still wouldn't be happy. I do like day-light-saving and use that extra time to get the washing done and dry before I go to bed, water the vegetables or just sit outside it there is a cool breeze. Its a nice change to the sun setting at 5pm in the middle of winter.

  3. Read more blogs, of course! At least that is what I've been doing with the extra time the winter months have given me.

    1. I certainly use my time differently depending on the seasons - in summer it isn't as nice to be doing lots of crafts etc... as its too hot in the house, they are the things I like to do on cold winters evenings:)) Reading blogs is also something I really enjoy in winter!

  4. Hello, I think I would study and read more, but as you said we have only 24 hours each day and i sleep over 8 of them as it is! I am trying to learn and practice each day wise management of it, but to really take pleasure!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. I certainly need to study more and trying to fit more in at the end of the day when it is at its quietest. I love nothing more than lying in bed reading the Word of God and its so peaceful and calm (sadly a little hot at present).

  5. I'd use it to read-- I usually do my reading at the end of the day and sometimes I'm too tired:(

    So many good books-/ so little time!


    1. I would love more time to read:)))) I have so many books to get through and certainly not enough time!!! I love to lie in bed and read, one of my favourite spots.


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