Surprise parcel: Library bags

Packed and ready to post (sent and received since I wrote this!).

I thought I would surprise two small children with homemade library bags. Both will be homeschooled and the eldest (Miss Three) is very excited about "school".  Perhaps a little young to commence full time schooling, there is still plenty of ways of "informal" learning that Miss Three can enjoy including a trip to the library.  My own boys (now all grown up) loved visiting the library once a week and always came home with a pile of books to read.  My eldest loved his history books whilst my youngest loved nature. 

I still visit the library to collect books that I have reserved and just before Christmas I borrowed a large pile to read during my holiday break (plus some DVDs to watch). Perhaps I should make myself a library bag too - but I already have one that I bought a few years ago, its covered in cats!
I think you can guess which bag is for Miss Three and which one is for Master Two.  I am very pleased with the end results, however I still need to practice my "straight sewing" skills - still a little drunk! These bags have French Seams which looks much better if you don't have an overlocker (perhaps a 2014 purchase).

My latest purchase is this cutting mat (A1 size) and the long clear ruler. The mat makes cutting these bags so much easier - at least I can rule straight lines and cut straight!! I looked at these in my local craft store and they were over $80, this one is from eBay (new) and it was a bargain at $35 (with $12 postage).  Always worth looking on-line
Now that I have the cutting mat and ruler, I went off and bought a rotary cutter and it sure makes cutting much easier. It also means I can try my hand at quilting, something I have never done but thought it might be fun to try. 
These fat quarters will be great for practicing "quilting.

Just sharing my small pin bowl with you - cute!! I love butterflies. 

No, not the next sewing project - my helper. (Princess) Ruby loves to lie near me when I am sewing. I need to be careful not to roll my chair back and run over her. Being a warm day, she is lying near the fan which is gently blowing over her tummy! A cat's life in my house is very comfortable and spoilt. Every now and again she "chats" to me.  She loves to lie on her back with her fluffy feet in the air, so cute.


I was a little excited this afternoon when my 5 Simplicity patterns arrived in the post.  For those in Australia, these are all from Lincraft and much cheaper than elsewhere I've looked.

Patterns 2917 (very feminine but will really stretch my sewing skills), 8523 (really want to try these next) and 4236 (for later). 
Patterns 2576 (this one is designed with young sewers in mind) and 2228 - I wonder which on Miss Three would like, a skirt or a dress?


  1. Replies
    1. I work on it at the weekend!! It looks like a really easy pattern.

  2. I look forward to reading your blog… Roxy wrote about you and I had to stop by for a little chat… (love your blog title). I can see many common interests that we share.

    1. Thanks so much Pam for dropping by, Roxy is a darling for promoting my blog:))


  3. Hello There! I have come over from Roxy's blog, as she has featured you today. Such a lovely bog you have. I look forward to chatting with you again soon!

    Blessings to you,

    1. Thanks so much Amy for dropping by. Roxy is such a sweety:)))


  4. Dolly has made Simplicity 2576 a couple times - it is very easy. I've also had my two biggest nieces over and helped them sew it as well. :)
    Your sewing is really coming along - you're whizzing through your projects! Look forward to seeing how you go with quilting.

    1. I thought the skirt pattern would be very handy to add to my pattern collection and it was very cheap. As I just wrote to Tania (below) - some creations work really well and others, well, I could do better. I need to always pay attention to detail!!!

  5. Your sewing is coming along nicely. I remember making library bags for my girls when they were younger.

    I love your furry friend, she sounds very lovable :)

    1. My furry friend is more like a dog and follows me around, whereas the other cat likes her own company!

      Yes, practice is making improvements into my sewing, however whilst one thing can turn out just fine, something else can be a complete mess!!! Still working on "attention to detail"!!

  6. It's so much fun to get new patterns that you like! :-)

    The bags look nice and will serve their purpose well, I'm sure. My siblings and I loved going to the library as kids!

    The large cutting mat is so nice. I have one too; also several rulers and a couple rotary cutters - a large and a small. And, I really hope you enjoy learning quilting. My sister-in-law here and I have enjoyed it so much! :-) I recommend starting with smaller projects.

    Ruby is a beautiful cat! :-)

    1. I would love to get a few more rulers, but I will wait until I see them cheap. My test quilt is quite small and certain has some "issues" but it has been a ideal for my training. I just bought a book and borrowed 3 from the library so I am now "well read" on the topic!!

      Ruby is a gorgeous cat who follows me around the house.

  7. Now that I use my rotary cutter I have no idea how I survived without it! lol
    Ruby is so pretty :-) I love seeing kitty's lie upside down like that - our cat does it all the time!

    1. I haven't quite got the technique right for large pieces of fabric, but with practice it will improve. I will admit it is so handy!

      Ruby loves to lie on her back with her feet in the air. Sometimes she lifts her neck up quite high so she must have some really good muscles. Reminds me of an otter.


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