Who doesn't love a fabric sales?

I love it when my favourite fabric store "Spotlight" has it's Christmas sale and kindly reduces fabric by 40%. Off I raced to replenish my fabric supply. I didn't go quite as wild as I did last year, however I picked up 9 pieces of fabric (2 metres each) that I am looking forward to turning into "wonderful creative masterpieces" (I just fell off my chair laughing - a girl can dream!).
Great for a little girl perhaps. 
These three have a linen texture (an organic feel to them) but I believe they are 100% cotton. The top one is slightly more yellow, rather than mustard as you can see here. No hurry to make these up yet.
The spotty fabric is a linen/cotton mix and has been turned into a very nice knee length summer skirt (it does crease a little too much though, but what do you except with linen!). The pale blue was going to be used for a top, have other ideas for it now.

One skirt knee length skirt. However after completing the skirt I realised the linen was quite rough on the legs (I have very tender knees!!) which results in some unpicking and a lining added, problem all fixed.  Wore this to work last week and it was comfortable and summery with a white t-shirt.

What about this demin, it's pretty and feminine - I've never seen denim look this good (I have lined the skirt with the dusky pink satin).  I read a blog sometime a go about adding lace to the hem. The woman who suggested it, like the feminine touch even though no one could see the lace. I decided to add lace to this hem and what a nice hidden surprise (that now only you know about). I think I might make it a feature of my skirts.   

And finally, a little dress for Miss Three. 
Simplicity 2228

This is quite a handy blog for novice sewers like me as she includes youtube links for each stage of sewing a pattern: http://ditchstitcher.blogspot.com.au 


  1. They are all nice, but my favorite is the one with ittty bitty strawberries. That dress is so pretty.
    Details, like lace under the hem, are a very nice touch. It's just like pretty underwear, no one knows, but it makes you feel a whole lot cuter.
    Happy sewing!

    1. I like the idea of hiding some feminine touches to an outfit as it makes the wearer feel quite nice:)))

      Its a bit hot at the moment for sewing, I think I will wait until it cools down a little.


  2. Yes I must admit that I'm a fabriholic too ;-)
    Love the little dress you've made! And I love the green checks with cherries, so sweet. I'd make that into pjs for myself hehe

    1. Thanks for the idea, great idea to make some pjs with the green check.

  3. (Sorry just accidently entered the same thing twice) :-/

  4. Fabric is fun! :) You bought some very lovely pieces of fabric. And your sewing is beautiful - I can tell that you've gained a lot of confidence over the past year! :)

    1. I am much more confident and more willing to take charge of a pattern and make it fit better to add a little extra.

  5. Love your first post picture.. so cute. I love fabric too... I got it from my Mom, who has given me all of her fabric left-overs from her many sale addictions; now I have her collection and mine. I haven't sew in a little while and you have been stirring me up to pull my sewing machine out and start up a project. I love your creations. The little girls dress makes me think of my granddaughter, who at this time is only one; in due season I will begin sewing for her.. right now she has more clothes than anyone could imagine, so when she outgrows them, I 'd love to be ready with some sweet little outfits like you have sewn.

  6. One of the main reasons I love sewing these days is just playing with all the gorgeous fabrics and then, in at least some cases, wearing them. :-) My favorites here are that darling strawberry-cherry print and the floral denim. Wish I could find some denim like that here! :-) Denim is a nice tough fabric, but I get a bit tired of blue sometimes (though it is very forgiving as to colors you can wear with it).

    1. I stumbled across the denim, heading to the zips and taking a short cut and found myself at the denim. Really surprised by the very pretty pink and decided it would make a beautiful skirt. Thinking about buying a little more to store away for another time:)))

      There is so much pretty fabric at the moment, I often wonder why so much of the clothing available in the stores I is so ugly or unfeminine .

  7. Hello, I also have gone hog wild buying fabric, that it took years to use it up :) Loved your choices.
    Loved the funny comic... LOL
    I have been so busy with re-vamping my old recipe box. I have been working on it for almost a week.
    Hope you are well and keeping cool. Take Care!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Roxy, my fabric collection is very small as I haven't been sewing very long - but when I see a sale I alway buy something as fabric is expensive in Australia (what I like anyway) and I really don't like paying full price.

      Do we get to see a peek of your revamped recipe box:)))

      Trying to stay cool, not managing very well without air-conditioning.


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