A simple woman's diary: February 2014

Some old cookbooks stand guard near my front door.  I thought they looked nice on display

Outside my window

I am writing to you from my study which overlooks a lovely enclosed side garden full of green trees where the birds love to play in and Ruby (cat) loves to look watch.  Today will be very hot (37C//99F) but this morning there is still a cool breeze blowing in which I am taking full advantage of.

I am thankful for

I am thankful for having such wonderful supportive friends (and that includes you!).

I am wearing

Clothes, aren't you relieved!!
 A red cotton dress ready for the heat.

From the kitchen

The fridge is clean and its looking good (thanks Roxy for the reminder!). I found a few questionable things at the back and anything past the use-by date has gone to the bin. I like Roxy's idea of doing a clean out the day before shopping day. The chest freezer was defrosted this morning, taking advantage of the warmth in the house. This is a very satisfying photo!!

Did I mention that my dear husband cleaned behind the fridge a few weeks ago? Its surprising what ends up under or behind it!!

I am learning

To never stop dreaming even if I can't afford a trip to Paris!

I am creating

A cosy home for my husband and I (and our fury children).

I am reading

Quilting 101 - it really basic steps-by-step guide to quilting and it even comes with a DVD.  I don't know if I will ever mast quilt making.

God Speaks: Finding hope in the midst of hopelessness by Ray Comfort.  This excellent book (from what I have read so far) is based around the Book of Job and the question many people ask "why me".

Around the house

Spent sometime last month de-cluttering, something I really like doing and do at least once or twice a year.

In the garden

Looking sad at present with the hot days we have been having and very little rain - but it is summer and this is usual. By Autumn it will all spring back into shape quite quickly and start looking much better.

Been very disappointed with my vegetable garden this year, not a lot of produce and the poor tomatoes are roasting on the vines.

Love this idea

I found this idea in Pinterest and thought it was excellent.
What a great use for an old suitcase (not that I have any)! This wouldn't be suitable for our Dobermans, but perfect for a small dog or cat.

Some of my favourite things

Homemade ice-coffee (with lots of ice-cream)

Second-hand shopping

Peace and calm

Classical music

A good movie

A quote to share

Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are not a sign of weakness. They are signs of having tried to remain strong for too long. 

Never be afraid to ask for help - it isn't a sign of weakness.  Reach out of help those that are struggling. You might reach them before depression sets in.

Plans for the new month

Valentines Day on Friday 14th of Feb. Still thinking up ideas.

Start a quilt (something small and inexpensive) and remember to pay close attention to cutting out accurately!!

Attempt in making a tie for Master Two. It can't be that hard!

Organise the birthday cards to for this month and for March.

Finish off a cotton top I have started.

A picture to share

I love fresh flowers in my home as they add a splash of colour to any room.

And a message to my blogging friends:

I continue to feel very blessed by the lovely blogging friends that regularly visit my blog, it is very humbling.  And a special thankyou to all my new blogging friends. Thankyou.



  1. Very lovely cookbook collection. And I love having a clean fridge too.
    Happy February. I hope the weather starts to treat you more gently soon.

    1. Today the weather is beautiful and cool, enjoying every moment of it as it will be hot by the weekend again:)) However like everything it won't last forever !

  2. So long as the tomatoes are all that's roasting in the heat - and not you! I hope the weather cools off soon for you. It's been lovely weather here - warm days with cool breezes and some cloud cover, although we were outside so long yesterday that we all got terribly sun-burnt!!

    Lovely post and great pics - these kinds of posts always make me feel peaceful - I think the peacefulness of your home comes through! :)

    And yes, it is rather a relief to know you wear clothes. ;)

    1. Thankyou Clara - still wearing clothes!!

      I love peacefulness and try very hard to create it in my home and around me. A life that is not calm is stressful and that is never good:) Glad I could send yo some peacefulness.

      The weather today is lovely, quite cool now, I even had to partly close the window next to me as it was too cold. By Sunday it will be 37C again. Its all over the place !

  3. Good morning beautiful post. thanks for the reminder-I so need to defrost my two deep freezers and wash out my frig too.
    I love your background here-it looks so real I feel like I can reach out and touch it. The suitcase is brilliant. Hubby had gotton a small vintage one that I just couldn't get the musty odor out of-so filled it with old wool blankets and put up rather high outside our front door-for our outside kitty calico-she loves it!
    Hope you get some relief from the heat soon. Kathy

    1. Thankyou for dropping by:))) I put off defrosting my freezer but the day had finally come and it needed to be done - and now I am very pleased as it looks so clean and organised.

  4. Hi Jo-- the cookbooks look so beautiful-- love the bright flowers- how wonderful to be amidst beautiful summer days. Snowing here-- yet another winter storm:(

    Blow some warm air up this way--

    1. Do keep warm with your snow. Sending you some sunshine and warmth


  5. Oh how much we love those cool breezes on hot days!
    Love the suitcase/pet bed idea! :-)

    1. Its all very cool at the moment - so cool I am wearing a cardigan and slippers on my feet. Hot again by Friday. Crazy weather!!

  6. Dear Joulise, I have found this post so calming and I really enjoyed this style. I know we live a world apart. But I felt like this brought me right into your home.
    It is fun getting to know each other...
    It was very sweet of you to refer to the Fridge Post.
    I was wondering how that Grow Your Blog, turned out?
    I am still addressing those Valentines I made last month. And are we following each other on Pinterst?
    Help me, Find Me...
    Have a wonderful week!!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Its always good to get little reminds!! and your fridge one was perfectly timed:))

      Yes, I did very well with the "Grow your Blog" and met some new people. I will certainly following you on Pinterest:))

  7. Very lovely and interesting, Joluise.
    I look forward to your next post.
    Blessings :-)


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