Art Friday: Clarence Cole Phillips

Artist: Clarence Cole Phillips
1880 - 1927 (died at the age of 47)

American artist and illustrator

Best known for his stylised women on the covers of popular magazines and for his use of negative space used in adverting. Here are some examples of his use of negative space (I think they are so clever) and a couple of his magazine covers.

The painting above is my favourite, which one is yours?




  1. I love the one in the woods with the puppy.

  2. Hi, I am visiting from Roxy's blog. I love this work. I love the one with the birch trees best of all and I love the dress in the first one (your fav). Very interesting. Hope you enjoy the weekend. Mildred

    1. Thankyou so much for dropping by - they are loving. The women all look every feminine and pretty in their frocks.

      Weekend so far has been nice, however the power has been off for most of the day so I went out when my friends for brunch and movie!!

  3. Hello Jo, I think these were really sweet! I did pin a few of them, I hope your power gets turned back on soon!
    What movie did you girls go see? Hope you had a good time!
    Blessings to YOU, Roxy

    1. Thanks Roxy - the power was off all day, came back by 3:30pm.

      We went to see "The Book Thief" which is set during WW2 in Germany. I loved the book and the film was quite good but not as good as the book which is often the case.



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