Chia seed pudding

Every morning I heat a 1/2 a glass of milk (40 seconds in the microwave) and add one tablespoon of Chai Seed and I drink it (by the time I am near the end of the drink it has become quite thick). Chia seed is full and overflowing with goodness (one of those superfoods) and includes my daily dose of fibre plus many other good things. If you have never eaten chia seed, its very similar to tapioca and the longer it is in liquid the softer it becomes and it starts to thick the liquid. The tiny seeds expand more than 4 times their size.

One of my favourite summer desserts is chocolate chia seed pudding, which looks just like the photo above. It is both healthy and yummy which is always a great combination. There are many recipes on the web for chia seed pudding and I have attached a few of them. Most recipes tend to use coconut milk, however you can use cows milk (as I do) or any of the non-dairy varieties, it doesn't really matter. To sweeten the dessert you can use honey, maple syrup of any of the other sugars available. Once again, its up to you. As it is such a simple recipe, in no time at all you will be making your own recipes.

What is your favourite chia seeding pudding?

Chocolate and raspberry chia pudding 
Vanilla chia seed pudding
Mexican chocolate chia seed pudding
This one has been put through the blender and therefore much smoother than the other recipes. 

Chocolate chia seeding pudding (this one hasn't been smoothed). If you like your pudding very chocolatey, just add more chocolate. 
Mango coconut chia pudding
You could use any fruit, passionfruit would be really nice.
Chai seed can be used in all sorts of cooking from smoothies, desserts, muffins, even pancakes to breads.  I have even found a strawberry jam recipe that uses chia seed! Hold on - pizza base recipe (no idea what it would taste like)!! You can buy ground chia see which I assume is what you would add to cakes and muffins.

Pumpkin pie chia pudding - not so sure about this one and I wouldn't include the dates as I don't like them.  I will admit the colour really puts me off!


  1. This is great! And a much better alternative to drinking them! Thank-you for collecting all of these recipes.

    1. I really enjoy them every morning but the texture might put some people off.

  2. I'll have to keep this post in mind. It looks good and inspires me to go ahead and try chia seeds. We've thought about it as I think they are selling them at our Costco now.

    1. I have to agree the last one is rather looks unappetizing. :-)

    2. I must look in Costco when I visit next as it will probably be much cheaper compared to the health food store where I generally purchase it from.

  3. Yum, I want to try that.


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