How do you make coleslaw?

Do you make coleslaw?

What do you put in yours?

I love coleslaw in summer and we eat it quite often. However I only recently discovered that the recipe I make is not the same as anyone else. Like many people, I make some dishes just the way my mum made them and one of these is coleslaw.

My coleslaw is made from:

cabbage (either only green or a mix of red and green)
grated carrot
grated cheese

plus (and this does stray from mum's recipe) I add maple syrup (just a dash to the mayonnaise), diced red onion and sometimes pine nuts. 

I discovered that no one adds cheese to their coleslaw. 

Why not?

It makes it so good.

It adds protein to the dish, it makes it cheesy and it makes it much more filling for hungry mouths.  However I recommend a good quality cheese with a bit of bite - not processed cheese if you can avoid it. 

Are you willing to give this a go and add cheese the next time you make coleslaw?


PS did you know that coleslaw arose in the 18th century as an Anglicisation of the Dutch term"koolsla" a shortening of "koolsalade" which means "cabbage salad".



  1. I make a BIG tub of coleslaw using white cabbage, carrots, mild onions, sultanas and light mayonaise. We use it as a side dish rather than a meal in itself which is why I don't add cheese when making it. However I do add cheese or ham (or just about anything I fancy lol) when having it in wraps (tortillas?) for lunch.

  2. I don't really make coleslaw... I just make cabbage salads with the same ingredients my mother made - cabbage, carrot, onion, tomatoes, beetroot, and cheese! :) Mmm... yum! Haven't had that for ages!

  3. I don't really like cheese so would never add it from choice. I do add nuts ~ walnuts usually but I'm not fussy.

  4. I never liked coleslaw. When I was younger, my mother could never understand why I didn't like HER coleslaw. I told her many times that I didn't like ANY coleslaw. ~smile~

  5. Love coleslaw. I add corn, lovely sweet touch to balance out the cabbage :-)


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